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How to fix “No Connection”, Temporary Error,” or “Oops” in Gmail?

Sometimes it happens that, if any Gmail user indulge in working on their Gmail account but all sudden he receive some unusual message from Gmail side like “temporary error”, “oops” error, “no connection error”. He does not know what went wrong with his Gmail account, why it shows that type of messages. Due to this type of error no one are allow to send and receive the message and it just like a full stop on their mail.

But if you are reading this post then don’t worry because today I am sharing what are the possible solutions regarding this problem and how to overcome of temporary error in Gmail.

How do I solve the “No connection” error in Gmail?

Guys if you received this kind of no error message that means there is something went wrong in your browser. Here you have to check that you are connected with internet or not. Check it properly and if there is internet issue, then contact to internet service provider. You can also close your system and restart it again or simply sign out and sign in again. Fortunately it works. But if not then go with other solutions.

How can I fix my “Temporary error”?

This temporary error generally occurs if you are trying to sign in your Gmail account but it says that your mail is temporarily unavailable. For this problem I suggest you to wait for sometime then again try to sign in your Gmail account.

How to solve the “oops” error?

If you receiving this type of error then try these below solutions to overcome of this problem.

  • First ensure that which web browser you are using for your Gmail account. For effective and efficient mailing, you have to go with some supported web browsers such as: internet explorer, Google chrome, safari, Mozilla Firefox etc.
  • If you installed any kind of extensions or add-ons then quickly turn off these extensions or add-ons.
  • You can also clear your browsers cookies and cache for this:
  1. Go to the chrome browser and click on tool option. Then click on clear browsing data. After that under the clear browsing data box you have to click on cookies and other site data and cached images and files.
  2. Now select the amount of data which you have to delete and finally click on clear browsing data.

Why I am having trouble with 2-Step Verification in Gmail?

Through 2-step verification user can easily recover their account again. But unfortunately sometime this 2-step verification process is not working, then how will you recover your account. Here you will found some of the most common solution regarding this issue.

  1. You can recover your account through backup option.
  • First move to sign in page of Gmail and enter the username or password
  • Now click try another way to sign in. after that choose an option for getting a verification code. Then enter the code and click on done.
  • Make sure if you didn’t get the code then you can sign in with your backup codes or choose Ask Google for help getting back into your account.

2. You can also fill out the account recovery form to get back your Gmail account. But make sure this process will take several days, so be patience.

  • First you have to sign in your account through your email address and password
  • Then go to verification code challenge page and hit the problem receiving your code?
  • After that you have to click on “I need Google’s help getting back into my account”

Now fill the form very carefully to verify the ownership of the account. You can take proper time to give the question’s answer.

Sometime it happens when any user turn on the 2-step verification, any of the app which needs access to your Google account will stop working. Might be possible you enter an app password instead of normal password. Here I mention some of the common devices and applications which require an app password:

  • Some old version of email clients such as: outlook, apple, thunderbird etc
  • Some email app which comes with your phone
  • Some other contacts, chats and you tube clients

Make sure if you choose to receive the codes by text then ensure that about your service plan and mobile device which supports text message delivery. If you have smart phones then I suggest you to use Google authenticator app.

How to fix the problem importing mail in Gmail?

Not able to download the email from your old account to Gmail or by mistakenly some of the emails are missing or deleted after your import. Don’t worry I am here to solve your issue. It happens with most of the users but if you take the right step then surely you are able to solve your importing mail problem in Gmail. Just go through the details which I mention below to overcome of your problem.

First quickly check these things, may be this step will solve your problem.

  • First immediately check your password is correctly entered or not.
  • Check that account which you trying to import are still working or not.
  • If not, then simply delete the Gmail address and add it again. Here I showing you how it is possible.
  1. Go to any of the browser like: internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc and type the www.gmail.com
  2. Now click on sign in page of Gmail and enter your email address and password.
  3. Just look top right side where you find something wheel like icon just click on that and find the setting option. Once you will that option click on that.
  4. Now go to account and import tab under the setting option and search “check mail from other account” section, once you find that section then delete the email address which you want to import from and again add it immediately.

But might be possible these above steps didn’t work perfectly so that users have to face the problem. Now here you can check the problem and its related solution.

If you find the importing problem again then may be this problem is occur due to another email account such as: yahoo, outlook etc. Here you can check the setting of other email account.

  • Make sure the port are either 110 or 995
  • All the other email programs such as: yahoo, outlook etc allows leaving message on the server.
  • The POP server name of other email and Gmail are always same

There are some of the common issues which occurred during importing process. Some of these problems are:

  • If the emails arrive more than once.
  • If the emails arrive in wrong order.
  • If the connection is reset or timed out.

Do one thing, immediately contact to email provider and ask them to solve your problem.

How do I change my Gmail account settings?

If you are a regular user of Gmail then surely you know about the Gmail settings. Through Gmail setting, you can simply manage your account and do whatever you want to do. But if you didn’t know about these settings then no issue, because in this post you will know how you simply change your Gmail settings.

Before Gmail setting first I will tell you how you go to your setting page if you using your computer, or android or iphone.

If you are using the computer:

• First open your Gmail account through your email address and password. Then hit the setting icon at top right side.

• Now scroll it and you will get setting option. Here under the setting option, you will find numerous of setting options such as: general tab, labels, account and import etc. choose these setting and change as per your convenience. And finally click on save changes once it done.

If you using Android:

• In android phone, open your Gmail app. Then go to top left side where you will find the option of menu icon.

• Click on that menu icon and at bottom side click on setting option.

If you are using iPhone :

• Similar as above, open your Gmail app and go to menu icon and click on that menu icon.

• Now scroll down and find the setting option and click on your account.

Now here I am sharing some of the most important settings which you using in your daily work.

1) If you want to show sender images:

• First, open your Gmail app and go to menu icon and click on that icon. Once you find the setting option, switch the show sender images where you can turn it on and off as per your choice.

2) For POP and IMAP setting: if any of the users want to forward the non Gmail address to Gmail using POP and IMAP then:

• Account name: here you have to add a name to your non Gmail account.

• Your name: here you can change the name which appears when you send others mail.

• Sync frequency: here you have to choose how app checks for new mail.

Why Gmail is not loading in any browser? How to fix it?

One of the worst things is that, if your Gmail account is not support any of the browsers and due to this problem you are not able to working with your Gmail account. Beyond that here you find multiples of reasons why your Gmail account is not loading in any browser. But yes, it might be possible it takes too much time to solve this but today definitely you will resolve your all problem regarding Gmail.

1) Sometime due to only Gmail problem this type of issues has encountered. And at the same time you will receive an error message which says that “temporary error 502 has occurred”. This message intimates that something happen wrong in your Gmail account that’s why your mail is temporarily unavailable. But don’t try to lose your hope here because this is temporary problem which is solving automatically after sometime. So, you have to wait for few minutes and then your problem will solve. But again find any problem then go with next solution.

2) Make sure if there is slow internet connection or unstable internet connection then surely this type of problem has occurred. Quickly get in touch with your internet network provider and network administrator and ask them to solve this particular problem.

3) If there is any internet security firewall or antivirus program in your computer then definitely Gmail is not work because it blocks the access to your Gmail account.

4) Which browser you are using for your Gmail account? Because if there is browser related problem then definitely switch your web browser and use only supported browser in which Gmail is perfectly working. Some of the supported browsers are: Google chrome, internet explorer, safari etc.

5) Unfortunately due to cookies and browser it happens. So you have to immediately clear your browsers cookies and cache. For this:

• First open the chrome browser in your system and go to your browser toolbar and click on more icon. After that click on more tool and select clear browsing data.

• Here you have to click the checkboxes for cookies and other site data and cached images and files.

• After that choose the amount of data which you want to delete.

• And finally click on clear browsing data.

That’s enough, but still this error has encountered problem then quickly contact to technicians for better support.

How to add or remove inbox categories & tabs in Gmail?

Gmail means a package of well and advanced features through which you can easily maintain your mailing activities in a convenient way. Not only mailing items but through Gmail we can perform lots of activities such as: you can easily schedule your meetings, appointments etc, if you are travelling some where no issue simply set an automatic responder, you can also create an filter to get rid of unwanted mails and many more feature are available here which make the Gmail more safe and secure.

Similarly if we are talking about main managing then in case Gmail also offers one new feature through which we can easily sort our email and that feature is “inbox category”. By this feature you can easily manage your emails which you receive throughout the day. User can easily manage their heap in a convenient way. But if any user didn’t aware of this feature and don’t know how to add the inbox category in Gmail then follow the post below to add it.

First you have to choose your inbox style. For this:

• Straightaway to your Gmail account by entering your email address and password. Once you reached over there just click on setting icon which is located at top right side. After that click on setting option.

• In setting option, click on inbox tab. Here select default, important first, unread first, or priority inbox. User can also choose another setting like importance marker or how to filter mail.

Add the category in computer:

• Open the Gmail id through email address and password. Then click on setting icon and then on setting option. Here you will find the option of configure inbox.

• Then you can check those boxes which you want to use. And in case if you hide the tab then the messages will show in the primary tab. And click on save button.

You can also add category in android also:

• Open the Gmail app and go to menu icon and click on setting option. Here you have to choose your account and tap on inbox type. Then select default inbox and click on inbox categories. And you can add or remove the category here.

Similarly you can do the same thing in iphone also:

• Open the Gmail, click setting icon and then setting option. Choose configure inbox and check those boxes which you want to use and click on save button.

Why I can’t send Google Drive attachment in Gmail?

Like many email services the Gmail also supports the file attachment option, which is send to recipients email address. When these attachments are attached or uploaded, required a certain criteria otherwise users have to face the problem and they didn’t send any kind of attachment in Gmail.

In some of the cases user got an error message i.e. “attachment failed” if this type of error has occurs, it means you are no longer to send the Google drive attachment in Gmail. You can try some of the steps to resolve your problem.

• If user found that they are not able send the Google drive attachment in Gmail, then you can try to add your attachment in another browser.

• If this type of error has occurred then inform to your network administrator and internet service provider for quick assistance.

• Simply you can disable the web browser extension and add-ons for temporarily and try to send the attachment again.

• You can also disable your web browsers proxy setup option, might be possible after that it works.

• This happens due to browsers issue, so ensures that you have latest version of web browser installed in your computer.

• Double check your browser is not offline mode and especially if you are on internet explorer.

• Always choose supported browser for your Gmail account such as: internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, safari, Google chrome. Because the Gmail is perfectly working in these supported browser.

• Again not able to send the Google attachment, then immediately disable your proxy setting. For this:

1) First you have to open the “customize and control Google chrome by just clicking on the three lines which is located at top right side of the Google chrome.

2) Here you have to find the network and choose change proxy setting.

3) After that you have to select LAN setting button, now you have deselect the third box which is mentioned as “use a proxy server for LAN” then you have to click on OK

4) Once you did it, your proxy setting is disabled now.

Hope it will works for you, now try again to send Google drive file in Gmail. But again it happens then definitely you should go with technical experts. Because clearly know what type of problem you have and they offered support according to your problem.

How to fix if my domain is having delivery problems with Gmail?

If any user signs their organization up for Google cloud product then you are required an internet domain name. The domain name is unique which appears after the @ sign in your email address and after www. Some of the features of domain name are:

• Through this your visitor easily finds you by registering something short and catchy.

• The domain also allows the search engines to find you.

• The domain easily protects and secures your brands online.

But in some of the cases, user experience domain related problem and they didn’t find the exact right solution regarding this problem. So if you are the same person who experiences this domain problem with Gmail then simply go with the below steps where you easily find some points to get rid of your problem.

1) Here I suggest you use spam classifiers such as: spam assassin. It can easily consider the mail is valid or not.

2) Using any third party block list, so you have the white listing mechanism in your SMTP gateway.

3) Always use 48 hours list which keeps records of recent spam activity.

Sometimes the problem is related to networking because might be possible the server is misconfigured. So use an external tool to diagnose your problem which is MX toolbox, by the help of this tool you can easily verify that your server is properly configured to receive mail or not. You can also verify that you are not blacklisted and grey list Gmail. Simply try to temporarily disable the firewall and span filtering service only for testing.

If the user receives the mails from Gmail but the messages are delayed, to solve this problem you are required to obtain the recipients copy of full message header and after that kindly examine the header for the location of the delay. If this delay issue has occurred before the Gmail connected then you can check your domain which is publicly available, so you have to visit https://mxtoolbox.com. Once you enter in it, then enter your domain name and click on MX look up. If results appear you should verify the MX records are correct or not and diagnostic your server.

For more information and query just contact to technical experts for better solution.

How to fix bounced or rejected emails problem in Gmail?

This is usually happening with numerous of users in the worldwide when they send or receive any kind of email at the same time they found that their mail gets bounced or rejected. This kind of activity frustrated the user because what you are mailing may be it is very important. And due to this problem, you are not able to send any important mail and didn’t receive any mail from your recipients. Well if those users who suffers from this issue, make sure solution is also possible. Simply follow my steps which I mention below to get rid of your all problem.

1) Sometime common mistake encountered this type of problem. Before sending and receiving the message check these common mistakes such as: spelling error, if there are dots at the end of the address, quotation marks, and extra spaces before or after an address.

2) Before sending and receiving the messages have you check your browser, might be due to browser problem this bounced or rejected email issue has occurred. In this situation, you have to select perfect web browser for your Gmail account such as: internet explorer, Firefox, safari, Google chrome etc.

3) Sometime you send the message which take a long time to reach its destination, in this situation check how you send the mail like through your mobile device web client like outlook or apple etc. You can check the configuration setting of Gmail account in your phone.

4) If there is internet related issue then surely your message get rejected or bounced. So immediately contact to internet service provider to resolve this error.

5) If the text of your email look suspicious and if you added large group of message recipients to Cc and Bcc then this email bounced problem had encountered. In this case, immediately remove all the links which is asking for personal information and if you send any email to large group then I suggest you to create a Google group then email on that group.

6) Sometime if there any mistake in recipients address then definitely this kind of problem has occurred. So properly check if there is any mistake in recipients email address or not.

7) If there is any kind of suspicious activity in your Gmail account then your message get rejected or bounced. So, delete all the spam and suspicious mail from your folder.

If you following the above points then definitely you will never face that kind of issue in future. But in case it happens then contact to technical experts.

How to add authentication icon for verified senders in Gmail?

How can we know, if any messages is sent to us is not a spoof or fraud? Because in most of the scenario we have seen that, the spammers sent a fraud message to us and the user thinks that this email is sent by a real website or company that you might trust. But actually this is not true because that message is not authenticated. So if you want to get rid of this problem, you have to check your message is authenticated or not.

Sometime user see a question mark just next to sender name, it means that message is not authenticated. And if you downloading any kind of attachment or reply to that email may cause you more problem. So here you have to check first the mail is authenticated or not. For this:

  • Open your Gmail account by entering the email id and password.
  • Then open the mail, and click down the arrow below the sender name. Here message is authenticated if you people see:
  1. Signed by header with the sending domain.
  2. Mailed by header with domain name such as: google.com

And if you see the question mark then be careful about its replying and downloading anything.

But here the question is how you will solve this issue, for this problem the only solution is “authenticated icon for verified sender” if you people enable this option in your Gmail account then you are capable to know who trusted sender is or who not. Just go with the simple steps which are described here, so that you can easily enable this and get rid of this particular problem.

  1. Open the browser where you start your Gmail account. After that click on setting icon and scroll down to setting option and hit that setting option.
  2. Then click on labs option and enable it under the section of “authenticated icon for verifies senders”.
  3. And last, click on save change option.

So never download these kinds of attachment if you feel that this is not trusted. If the messages are classified correctly, it means they are authenticated and you can easily reply on that mail and download it.

If you found any kind of problem regarding this, just get in touch with technical experts.