18334105666 How Do I Change My Gmail Account Settings?


If you are a regular user of Gmail then surely you know about the Gmail settings. Through Gmail setting, you can simply manage your account and do whatever you want to do. But if you didn’t know about these settings then no issue, because in this post you will know how you simply change your Gmail settings.

Before Gmail setting first I will tell you how you go to your setting page if you using your computer, or android or iphone.

If you are using the computer:

• First open your Gmail account through your email address and password. Then hit the setting icon at top right side.

• Now scroll it and you will get setting option. Here under the setting option, you will find numerous of setting options such as: general tab, labels, account and import etc. choose these setting and change as per your convenience. And finally click on save changes once it done.

If you using Android:

• In android phone, open your Gmail app. Then go to top left side where you will find the option of menu icon.

• Click on that menu icon and at bottom side click on setting option.

If you are using iPhone :

• Similar as above, open your Gmail app and go to menu icon and click on that menu icon.

• Now scroll down and find the setting option and click on your account.

Now here I am sharing some of the most important settings which you using in your daily work.

1) If you want to show sender images:

• First, open your Gmail app and go to menu icon and click on that icon. Once you find the setting option, switch the show sender images where you can turn it on and off as per your choice.

2) For POP and IMAP setting: if any of the users want to forward the non Gmail address to Gmail using POP and IMAP then:

• Account name: here you have to add a name to your non Gmail account.

• Your name: here you can change the name which appears when you send others mail.

• Sync frequency: here you have to choose how app checks for new mail.



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