How to add or remove inbox categories & tabs in Gmail?


Gmail means a package of well and advanced features through which you can easily maintain your mailing activities in a convenient way. Not only mailing items but through Gmail we can perform lots of activities such as: you can easily schedule your meetings, appointments etc, if you are travelling some where no issue simply set an automatic responder, you can also create an filter to get rid of unwanted mails and many more feature are available here which make the Gmail more safe and secure.

Similarly if we are talking about main managing then in case Gmail also offers one new feature through which we can easily sort our email and that feature is “inbox category”. By this feature you can easily manage your emails which you receive throughout the day. User can easily manage their heap in a convenient way. But if any user didn’t aware of this feature and don’t know how to add the inbox category in Gmail then follow the post below to add it.

First you have to choose your inbox style. For this:

• Straightaway to your Gmail account by entering your email address and password. Once you reached over there just click on setting icon which is located at top right side. After that click on setting option.

• In setting option, click on inbox tab. Here select default, important first, unread first, or priority inbox. User can also choose another setting like importance marker or how to filter mail.

Add the category in computer:

• Open the Gmail id through email address and password. Then click on setting icon and then on setting option. Here you will find the option of configure inbox.

• Then you can check those boxes which you want to use. And in case if you hide the tab then the messages will show in the primary tab. And click on save button.

You can also add category in android also:

• Open the Gmail app and go to menu icon and click on setting option. Here you have to choose your account and tap on inbox type. Then select default inbox and click on inbox categories. And you can add or remove the category here.

Similarly you can do the same thing in iPhone also:

• Open the Gmail, click setting icon and then setting option. Choose configure inbox and check those boxes which you want to use and click on save button.



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