18334105666 How To Fix The Problem Importing Mail In Gmail?


Not able to download the email from your old account to Gmail or by mistakenly some of the emails are missing or deleted after your import. Don’t worry I am here to solve your issue. It happens with most of the users but if you take the right step then surely you are able to solve your importing mail problem in Gmail. Just go through the details which I mention below to overcome of your problem.

Fix Mail Importing Problem In Gmail

First quickly check these things, may be this step will solve your problem.

  • First immediately check your password is correctly entered or not.
  • Check that account which you trying to import are still working or not.
  • If not, then simply delete the Gmail address and add it again. Here I showing you how it is possible.
  1. Go to any of the browser like: internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc and type the www.gmail.com
  2. Now click on sign in page of Gmail and enter your email address and password.
  3. Just look top right side where you find something wheel like icon just click on that and find the setting option. Once you will that option click on that.
  4. Now go to account and import tab under the setting option and search “check mail from other account” section, once you find that section then delete the email address which you want to import from and again add it immediately.

But might be possible these above steps didn’t work perfectly so that users have to face the problem. Now here you can check the problem and its related solution.

Change The Settings Of Other Email To Import the Mail In Gmail

If you find the importing problem again then may be this problem is occur due to another email account such as: yahoo, outlook etc. Here you can check the setting of other email account.

  • Make sure the port are either 110 or 995
  • All the other email programs such as: yahoo, outlook etc allows leaving message on the server.
  • The POP server name of other email and Gmail are always same

There are some of the common issues which occurred during importing process. Some of these problems are:

  • If the emails arrive more than once.
  • If the emails arrive in wrong order.
  • If the connection is reset or timed out.

Do one thing, immediately contact to email provider and ask them to solve your problem.



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