1-833-410-5666 Why I Am Having Trouble With 2-Step Verification In Gmail?


Through 2-step verification user can easily recover their account again. But unfortunately sometime this 2-step verification process is not working, then how will you recover your account. Here you will found some of the most common solution regarding this issue.

2-Step Verification Will Help To Gmail Account Recovery

  1. You can recover your account through backup option.
  • First move to sign in page of Gmail and enter the username or password
  • Now click try another way to sign in. after that choose an option for getting a verification code. Then enter the code and click on done.
  • Make sure if you didn’t get the code then you can sign in with your backup codes or choose Ask Google for help getting back into your account.

2. You can also fill out the account recovery form to get back your Gmail account. But make sure this process will take several days, so be patience.

  • First you have to sign in your account through your email address and password
  • Then go to verification code challenge page and hit the problem receiving your code?
  • After that you have to click on “I need Google’s help getting back into my account”

Now fill the form very carefully to verify the ownership of the account. You can take proper time to give the question’s answer.

Sometime it happens when any user turn on the 2-step verification, any of the app which needs access to your Google account will stop working. Might be possible you enter an app password instead of normal password. Here I mention some of the common devices and applications which require an app password:

  • Some old version of email clients such as: outlook, apple, thunderbird etc
  • Some email app which comes with your phone
  • Some other contacts, chats and you tube clients

Make sure if you choose to receive the codes by text then ensure that about your service plan and mobile device which supports text message delivery. If you have smart phones then I suggest you to use Google authenticator app.



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