Why I can’t send Google Drive attachment in Gmail?


Like many email services the Gmail also supports the file attachment option, which is send to recipients email address. When these attachments are attached or uploaded, required a certain criteria otherwise users have to face the problem and they didn’t send any kind of attachment in Gmail.

In some of the cases user got an error message i.e. “attachment failed” if this type of error has occurs, it means you are no longer to send the Google drive attachment in Gmail. You can try some of the steps to resolve your problem.

Send Gmail Attachments in Google Drive

  • If user found that they are not able send the Google drive attachment in Gmail, then you can try to add your attachment in another browser.
  • If this type of error has occurred then inform to your network administrator and internet service provider for quick assistance.
  • Simply you can disable the web browser extension and add-ons for temporarily and try to send the attachment again.
  • You can also disable your web browsers proxy setup option, might be possible after that it works.
  • This happens due to browsers issue, so ensures that you have latest version of web browser installed in your computer.
  • Double check your browser is not offline mode and especially if you are on internet explorer.
  • Always choose supported browser for your Gmail account such as: internet explorer, Mozilla Firefox, safari, Google chrome. Because the Gmail is perfectly working in these supported browser.

Again not able to send the Google attachment, then immediately disable your proxy setting. For this:

  1. First you have to open the “customise and control Google chrome” by just clicking on the three lines which is located at top right side of the Google chrome.
  2. Here you have to find the network and choose change proxy setting.
  3. After that you have to select LAN setting button, now you have deselect the third box which is mentioned as “use a proxy server for LAN” then you have to click on OK
  4. Once you did it, your proxy setting is disabled now.

Hope it will works for you, now try again to send Google drive file in Gmail. But again it happens then definitely you should go with technical experts. Because clearly know what type of problem you have and they offered support according to your problem.



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