change password & How Do I Change Gmail Account Password

How to Change Gmail password: Common Way to Reset/Change Gmail Password, change password of gmail

Passwords are the crucial part of every web account. Might be you heard sometimes the hacking related issues which mostly happened because of the weak password. Expert says, resetting the Gmail password will helps the mailer to stay away from the vulnerable attacks. Majorly, there are two situations where the Gmail password recovery is indeed. The first situation is when the users forgot the password and then they seek for recovering the account by changing the password. Now, the second case is changing the Gmail password for making the account secure. Here, we are explaining both the ways for changing the password

Common Way to Reset/Change Gmail Password/ change password

  1. Now select the option ‘I Don’t know my password’.
  2. Enter your email address in the relevant tab and click on ‘continue’.
  3. On the next page it asks you to enter the last password you remember. In case, you forgot the last password, then skip the step by clicking the link ‘I Don’t Know’.
  4. The next page asks you to verify the CAPTCHA verification for proving the human verification. If the CAPTCA appeared in a distorted order, then click on refresh for getting a new code or else click the Headset icon for getting the verification code through audio.
  5. Then, on the next page select an option for receiving the account verification code. You can find two options there:
    1. A text message (SMS)
  6. An automated phone call
  • If both the options didn’t seems work for you, then click on link ‘I can’t access my Phone’ and verify your alternative email ID hint shown there and click on Continue.
  1. Check now your mobile number/alternate email address for the verification code. Enter that code in then relevant area of password recovery.
  2. Once after the verification, you will get a tab where you can gain the access of your Gmail by configuring a new set of passwords.Things To Remember:
  3. Make sure that your new password is quite dissimilar to the existed one.
  4. Never make your password with any dictionary terms like admn, yourname,123456, countryname, etc. Usually, by configuring those kinds of vulnerable passwords is the vital reason behind the every account hacking. If you don’t know how to make a strong password, then make it with a password generator application.
  5. Never share your password to anyone, by mistake you had shared it to someone then do change it now for making your account secure.

Second way to Reset/Change Gmail password

Reset your Gmail password thrice in a year, which helps your mail to defend against the attack of malwares and hackers. Here, explaining-how to reset The Gmail password?

  1. Select the settings (  Gear Icon) options in your Gmail.
  2. Now select ‘Accounts and Import’ and select the option ‘Change Password’ / change password
  3. You are now re-directed again to the login page where it asks to re-enter the password.
  4. Enter your old password again and click then ‘sign-in’ which re-directed to a new page where you can change your Gmail password. That’s the procedure for changing the password. if you are not satisfied with these step you can Contact 24/7 Gmail Support Help Desk