Bellsouth email settings for AOL Email

If you want to know the way to setup the Bellsouth email for AOL email then you have landed on the right post. In order to send email from Bellsouth through AOL email account, you need to give certain instructions so that you can access the AOL email SMTP server, the server used commonly to send email from your Bellsouth account. Here it is important to know that if Bellsouth email doesn’t know how to access the AOL email SMTP server, then it will not be able to send emails on your behalf. The POP or IMAP settings could very well be correct, simply means that you could download and read your email just fine, but in the absence of proper SMTP server settings configuration, you will not be able to send email through AOL Mail. Let’s understand how to configure the Bellsouth email setting for AOL email in a detailed manner.

How to configure the Bellsouth email for AOL email

The process of configuring the Bellsouth Email for AOL email is not that tough as it might appear to some users. The AOL email SMTP server setting will be same for whichever email client you use be it Bellsouth or any other email. Not only this, you can change these setting from anywhere even if you’re using laptop, Smartphone, tablet, Bellsouth email to name a few. All you need to do is enter the right SMTP server settings and you can send mail from your AOL Mail account. Here what you need to follow-

  • Make sure that the SMTP server address is mentioned as:
  • In the SMTP username field, you need to enter your AOL Mail screen name, which comes before “” in your email address.
  • Now in the Password field, you need to provide your AOL email password.
  • Make sure that the port using SSL/TLS is set to 587 or 465.
  • In the TLS/SSL required field, select “yes” to make sure SSL encryption is enabled for incoming and outgoing email.

In case you want to receive emails on a mobile device, you need to choose any of the SMTP/POP3/IMAP from the Bellsouth email settings to direct your messages to your mobile device. You might also need to provide the port number through which an SSL connection can be established. For Bellsouth/AT&T servers, you should use (port 110) for a POP server, (port 465) for an SMTP server, and (port 993) for an IMAP server.

If you still can’t access your mail, then double-check that the incoming mail settings are correctly set. The first step is to identify which protocol is being used by your email. You need to ensure that you copy the right settings i.e. the IMAP settings are needed for accessing the IMAP server, and the POP settings are needed to download mail from the POP server. As soon as you’ve confirmed that all the settings are right, the program will have no problem in downloading and sending mail from your AOL Mail account.

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