Gmail Account Security Issue & How to make Gmail more secure?

Gmail is one of the best email services and is most probably used by the people for their web based mailing purpose. But as it is being used by a huge number of people, there are also many issues which arises during the use of Gmail. But it is necessary to secure your Gmail account so that you may secure your data which you transfer through the Gmail messages.

Gmail Account Security is main concern to be discussed, that’s why Google take the account security very seriously. So if you notice any change in your Gmail account especially if you notice those changes to your account that you didn’t make you need to secure your Gmail account.

Users also face the security issues with their Gmail account like-

  • How to  resolve security issues found in Gmail account?
  • How to make Gmail more secure?
  • Gmail Security Methods
  • Gmail Login Security Settings
  • Gmail Account Security Options
  • How to Protect Gmail from hackers? 

To protect your Gmail account you are recommended to follow the steps given below.

Steps to Secure Gmail Account

Secure your Gmail account just by following the steps given below-

  • Firstly you need to check the malware or viruses

If you find any virus in your System then you need to scan your system with an Anti-Virus. If your system detects any suspicious application or program then you need to remove it immediately. So that your system may become virus free and you may access the services properly.

  • Update Your Account Recovery Options

You need to check your account recovery option properly. If it is required then you can also update account recovery options.

  • Do “Account Security Checkup”

You can also go for selecting the ‘Account Security Check-up’.


Go to “My Account” Page,Go on ‘Security Check-Up’ and click on get started and follow the instructions shown on screen and check your account security. If you will fill the correct information then it will easy to secure your account.

  • Apply ” 2-Step Verification”

2-Step Verification is the best option to make your Gmail account Secure. It works as a security layer in your Gmail Account.

Gmail Two Step Verification

You just need to sign-in into your Gmail account just with those credentials which you have, and proceed to recover your Gmail account.

  • Check System Updates

You need to check the updates in your system like windows update, operating system update etc. Because if you will not regularly update the system services then you will not be able to use proper web based services.

windows update

  • Check Your Account Permissions

When you sign up to services using your Google account, you give them access to specific parts of your Google account. You’ll probably find many services that you no longer use but that still have access to your email, names, and other kinds of personal information. If they’re not helping you out, or they’ve turned malicious for some reason, just click Remove and their access will be revoked immediately.

Gmail account Permissions

  • Choose a Strong Password

At the time of signing up with Gmail you need to choose a strong password which is not easy to be thought by anyone else. Password make the Gmail account secure so you need to choose a unique password.

Gmail Password

by following the above steps you can overcome the security problem which you are facing with your Gmail account and you can make your confidential data more secure with Google. If you still facing any issue you can take help from Gmail Technical Support Helpline.

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