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Frontier Email Send or Receive Error

Get easy steps Can't Send or Receive Frontier Email & Frontier Email Send or Receive Error

Frontier Communication is rapidly adding new and advanced features to its email service. However, regardless of the features, the primary function of an email service is still sending and receiving emails. An email account is quite worthless if it can’t send or receive an email. All the email services can encounter different issues which can stop its user from sending/ receiving emails. Frontier Email is no exception, there are so many issues due to which different users can’t send or receive Frontier Email every now and then.

Nevertheless, we must not forget that every problem has a solution. If you are unable to send or receive Frontier emails then you fix this problem with ease. In this tutorial, you will find the reason why you can’t send or receive an email on Frontier mail and how you can get rid of this problem.

Why you are not able to send or receive emails on Frontier mail account?

The issues which can stop users from sending or receiving emails are very diverse in nature. We will take look at the issues which can stop you from sending/ receiving frontier emails separately.

Possible Issue why you are unable to send Frontier Emails

  1. You are not connected to an Internet connection.
  2. The file size limit of an attachment in Frontier email or Frontier Yahoo mail is 25 MB. You might be trying to send a file larger than this.
  3. Using Frontier Email on an incompatible browser.
  4. Trying to send a file in a format that is not supported on Frontier Email.
  5. Frontier email software not configured properly.
  6. Your account is blocked due to sending a lot of emails.
  7. Other error messages such as “553 sorry, your mail was administratively denied (#5.7.1)”.

Why you can’t receive Frontier Email?

  1. Incoming Emails might be landing in a folder other than the inbox.
  2. There is not enough space in your Frontier email account for a new message.
  3. Incoming message blocked by your Antivirus or windows firewall settings.
  4. You have blocked the sender by mistake.
  5. Problem with your email client if you are using Frontier Email with other email clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird etc.
  6. Problem with your web browser.

How to fix Frontier email sending and receiving problem?

Here are the steps you should follow if you can’t send or Receive Frontier Email. Remember you need to move to the subsequent step only if the previous step fails to fix the problem.

Step: 1 – Check if you are really facing the problem

In order to check if you really can’t send or receive frontier emails, you should send yourself an email. If you can’t receive the email then it confirms that you are facing a problem.

Step: 2 – Check Internet Connection

It is obvious that you can’t send or receive Frontier email if you are not connected to the internet. So, it is very important that you check your internet connectivity.

Step: 3 – Check your Browser or Email client

If you are using Frontier webmail on a web browser then you should do the following things.

  • Clear the cache, cookies, and search history of your browser.
  • Disable all the third party add-ons and extension installed in your browser.
  • You may also consider switching to another browser if the problem continues.

In case you are using Frontier mail on a third party email client then you should check the following.

  • Check the IMAP/ POP settings and make sure they are properly configured.
  • Remove your Frontier Email account from the email client and set it up once again.

Step: 4 – Disable Antivirus and firewall settings

Sometimes, your antivirus and firewall also block incoming emails from loading. They do this, to protect your device from viruses. If you believe that the emails are not infected with virus then you can disable your antivirus for a while. However, you should note that doing this will make your PC more susceptible to a malware attack.

Step: 5 – Fix the mail attachment issues (if any)

Make sure you are not trying to send or receive a file with an attachment larger than the permissible limit in size. The size of an attachment should be less than 25 MB. 

Step: 6 – Check your Filters and blocking settings

Here, you should check the following two things

  • There should not be a filter in your Frontier email account that is filtering the important emails. Sometimes, the inbuilt spam filter of Frontier email also stops important email from landing in your inbox. So, you should also check the spam folder of your email account.
  • Check your Frontier email block list and ensure that you haven’t blocked the recipient/ sender mistakenly.

Step: 7 – Contact Frontier Email

If you can’t send or receive Frontier emails even after following all the above mentioned steps then you should contact Frontier email support team. You can contact them in the following ways.

  • By giving a call at 1.800.239.4430
  • Through the live chat option on the official website.