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Comcast email account on iPhone can’t send mail: Comcast is counted amongst the prominent email service provider with millions of happy customers. The users can very easily configure their Comcast email in their iPhone to send and receive emails, recover their account, rest new password and perform many other tasks. Despite all the features that Comcast offers, certain issues are inevitable and arise time and again. Many users are often found to complain about Comcast email account on iPhone can’t send mail. This is quite a common issue and can occur due to many reasons such as slow network, server outage, Comcast attachment issue, etc.

However, one can solve the problem of Comcast not sending emails from iPhone by following the correct troubleshooting steps. This article contains the easy steps for the users to help them fix the ‘Xfinity email not send on iPhone’ issue.

Reasons behind Comcast emails not sending

There can be many possible reasons why you are not able to send Xfinity emails from iPhone while you are receiving emails very easily without any error. Some of the prominent reasons behind this problem are given below. Knowing the exact reason can be very helpful in troubleshooting this problem.

  • Problem with internet: If your internet speed is slow, you won’t be able to send Comcast emails.
  • Settings issue: Any error in the IMAP or POP settings of Comcast may also create email not sending issue.
  • Reached sending limit: In case you have reached the prescribed limit assigned for the day, you cannot send any more Comcast emails.
  • Receiver address is incorrect: The address of the receiver that you are typing must not contain any spelling or other error.
  • Problem at the receiver’s end: In case the receiver’s account is blocked or has some settings issues, it may not receive your emails even if it is send successfully from your side.
  • Browser problem: Sometimes, use of outdated or incompatible browser can create issues while sending Comcast emails.
  • Issues with the device: Maybe the problem is not a Comcast email error, but is due to some problem with the device you are using to access Comcast.
  • Attachment issues: If the attachment you are trying to send exceeds the prescribed size or the limit, you will get sending error.
  • Extensions and plug-ins: The extensions and plug-ins you have added to your browser sometimes also create problems while sending emails.
  • Problem with the Mail app: If you are opening Comcast using Mail app, it is possible that you are not able to send messages due to the app issues.

Easy steps to fix Xfinity iPhone not sending emails

Few simple things that the user can try to solve the ‘Comcast email not sending on iPhone’ issue are discussed below. Depending on the reason why you are facing this problem, you can apply the required fix.

  1. The internet connection should not be intermittent. One major reason behind the iPhone can’t send Comcast email is slow internet speed. Make sure you have an active data pack and your device is not on airplane mode.
  2. Comcast email has setup certain limit on the number of emails a user can send per day. In case you have exhausted this limit, you will have to wait till it is renewed. Only after that you will be able to send Comcast emails from your iPhone.
  3. If you are sending messages in bulk quite frequently, you may be marked as spam. In this case, Comcast will not allow you to send any more emails for a particular period. If this happens, only you can do is wait for the given duration.
  4. The attachment file you are including in your email must not exceed the prescribe size limit. Also, you cannot send too many attachments in a single mail. So what you can do while sending larger attachment is break its size or compress it. For too many attachments, send them as multiple emails and not all of them together.
  5. Make sure that the receiver’s address is correct. Any kind of spelling error or incomplete address (without domain name) can render it incorrect. Also, the users account must not be blocked by the service provider.
  6. In case you have accidently blocked the receiver, you can easily unblock him/ her by going to the email settings. Also ask your receiver to make sure that he/ she have not blocked you. Also ask them to check if the messages you are sending are landing into their trash or spam folder.
  7. If you are opening Xfinity email in a web browser, make sure that the browser is up-to-date and compatible. You can download and install the recent browser updates if is not already up-to-date.
  8. If you Mail app is creating problems in sending Comcast email through iPhone, you can reconfigure your Comcast account. However, before you attempt this, make sure all your offline data is saved as this process may delete the saved data. If still the problem isn’t fixed, you can try reinstalling the Mail app.
  9. To check if the problem is with your iPhone and not Comcast email, send a test message to yourself from other device. If the message is sent successfully, it is confirmed that the issue is with your device. Restart your phone and then try sending emails again.
  10. Delete unnecessary or unimportant extensions or plug-ins you have added to your browser. Sometimes, these plug-ins and extensions also interfere with the sending of Comcast emails. Similarly, if you have any such third-party software installed in your device, you might want to get rid of them too. On the other hand, if you do not want to remove them, you can temporarily disable to fix the ‘Xfinity emails not send on iPhone’ issue.
  11. In case of mobile app, you must always keep the application updated in order to prevent any such issue in the future.