How to Disable Categories in Gmail on your Computer?

Gmail has provided many additional features to the users so that their working may be easy and smart. One of those features is Gmail has provided the option of Categories you can enable the various categories or can also disable them as you need. Gmail categories related most common issues are “gmail inbox categories”, “gmail disable categories”, “gmail custom categories” etc.

So if you want to disable Google’s categories feature on your windows. Most of the times we used to clear data, cache.  But in such condition you when you clear the data, it would be impossible to re-enable the categories again. So Here is another method where you can also re-enable the categories later on whenever you need it.

Steps to Disable Gmail Categories on Your Windows Computer

  • First of all, On your computer go to the browser and open Gmail.
  • Now Login to your Gmail account with respective Email-id and Password.Gmail Account
  • Now click on the Setting icon at the top right corner. When you will click on settings you will see the options scrolling down.

Gmail Settings

  • Now click on the Inbox Tab.
  • In the “Inbox type” section, select Default.

Gmail Inbox

 Note: To hide all tabs, select another inbox type.

  • In the “Categories” section, check the boxes of tabs you want to show.


Note: You can’t make new tabs; you can only show or hide existing ones.

  • After following the above steps, Scroll to the bottom and click on Save Changes.


If you don’t get your problem solved after following the above steps then you need to take the help of technical support experts. You just need to get connected with any Gmail Technical Support helpline where you will get redirected to the experts who are experienced and having a huge knowledge about the issues and they provide the easy steps so that you may get rid of errors easily.

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