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How to Contact Facebook Business Page Contact ?

Facebook Business Page Contact (Phone Number, Chat, Forum)

With the advancement of social media, Facebook has emerged as an astonishing platform for business marketing. There are millions of users around the world who use Facebook on a daily basis. A lot of them can be your potential customers. A Facebook business page gives you an opportunity to connect with your customers. However, just creating a Facebook page is not going to help you grow your business. In order to that, you need to engage in different marketing strategies on Facebook. At this point, users often need to contact Facebook for different kinds of page related help and support.

Although it is very easy to create a page for your business on Facebook, it can be quite tough to manage and engage users on your page. For a newbie, it can be a bit problematic to manage a Facebook Business Page. Thankfully, there are many ways by which you can contact Facebook for page help.

Why you may need to contact Facebook for your Business page?

Almost every FB business page owner wants to grow his/her business over Facebook at a rapid page. At the same time, we must not forget that not all the Facebook business page owners are technically sound to resolves their issues without any help. Such users need to get in touch with Facebook representatives for help. Let’s go through some of the major problems related to a FB business page that a user may have to face.

Unable to Create a Facebook business page:

Creating a Facebook page is very simple. You just need to log in with your personal FB account and click on the “Create” button. After clicking on this button, you will get the option to create a new Facebook page. However, in case you find creating a page difficult then you should connect with Facebook page support staff. 

Problems in adding Business info on a Facebook page

A Facebook business page is worthless if it doesn’t describe the information about your business. You can use the “About” section of Facebook to add business info on a FB page including address, phone number etc. In case you encounter any error while doing so then you may contact Facebook for page update.

Facebook page Hacked by someone

The situation can be quite scary if someone hacks your Facebook Business page. Please note your page can get hacked through your personal account only. So, you should change your password & recovery option immediately and inform Facebook immediately.    

Issues with Facebook Boosted Post

Boosted posts are the ones for which you pay Facebook to promote on your behalf. It is better to seek help from the Facebook customer service if you are facing a problem with your Boosted posts.

Queries related to Facebook page custom settings:

Every business has its target audience and own preferences. You can use custom Facebook business page settings to edit the features like visibility, notification, messages, comments & replies, mentions & tagging etc.

How can I delete a Facebook business page?

In order to delete page on Facebook, you need to have the admin rights of that page. Remember after submitting a deletion request the page will be deleted after 14 days. However, you can unpublish your Facebook business page whenever you want.

Different ways to Contact Facebook Business page support team?

It is quite unfortunate that FB doesn’t offer any Facebook page helpline number. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot contact Facebook advisors. There are many ways by which you can contact FB support team as given below.

Facebook Business page Live Chat Support

The users who advertise their business on Facebook can get FB one-on-one support through the live chat. Currently, the Facebook Business live chat support is available only for the users of the United States, UK and Ireland.

Check the official page of Facebook business chat support service USA:

Facebook Help Centre

The help centre means the support website of Facebook dedicated to assisting the users. On the help center web pages, you can get instructions to fix almost every problem that can occur while using FB. You just need to select the problem for which you are seeking help and helping guidelines will appear straight away.

FB business support page

Apart from the general help center, Facebook also offers a special support page for Facebook Business page users. On this page, you can find the solution to the problems that you may encounter while managing your Facebook business page. Categories of the problems for which you can get the Facebook Business customer support are Billing and payment, creating ads, Ad account settings, Reporting and insights etc.

Support through Feedback

The feedback form is also one of the methods by which can approach Facebook for help regarding your Business page. However, you should note that this not necessary that you will always get a reply to your feedback. That’s why you should elaborate the problem you are facing in detail while submitting the Feedback form.

Facebook Community Forum

In the absence of a FB Business Support number, the community forum is the most popular way of seeking help regarding a Facebook account or business page. The reason why Facebook Business support Forum is so preferred is its simplicity. Here, you can simply login with your Facebook ID & password and post your questions. Additionally, you can also read the questions already posted in the FB forum.