How to fix Gmail Common Errors ?

Gmail is a free email service provided by Google and a large number of people are using this service. Are you a Gmail User? Are you facing errors in accessing your Gmail account? If yes, does not need to worry about that. Now Google is providing the security to their users, so you can fix these common errors with help of Google.

There are many errors which occurs in accessing the Gmail account. But some of those common Gmail errors which are mostly faced by the users are given below.

  • “Attachment Failed”
  • “error 500”
  • “gmail couldn’t sign in”
  • “something went wrong”
  • “Gmail won’t Load”

Such type of common errors are mostly faced by the users. But now it’s easy to fix these errors. Just need to follow the steps-

Solutions to fix the Gmail Errors

How to fix “Attachment Failed” error

when you send the attachment in Gmail then some time it shows the error ‘attachment failed’, In such condition you are no longer to send the attachments. So in such condition you need to fix the error. Attachment error can be fixed from various methods like-

Gmail attachment Problem


  • Update the flash plugin
  • Open Gmail in Another Browser
  • Update the browser
  • Disable the Proxy Server
  • Switch off Firewalls
  • Adjust the Network

You may get rid of Attachment failed error just need to go through any one of above mentioned processes.

How to fix “Error 500”?

It is the most common error which mostly occur when the user is online. Error 500 basically indicates that there is any internal server error, this internal server error arises when the server encounters an unexpected condition. But if you are facing such error then you just need to follow the steps given below-

Gmail Temporary Error 500

  • First of all you need to clear cache and cookies of your browser, just press ctrl+shift+delete. It can also fix many issues which are faced by the users when they access their Gmail account.
  • Using Gmail in safe mode which will disable all add-on. This will solve this issue and make you happy. You can restart your computer and the error will be fixed.
  • But if you still face the error then you need to check your internet connection in the last if the problem is still not solved.

Solve Error “Gmail Couldn’t Sign-in”

At the time of signing in into Gmail account sometimes an error message is shown on the screen. The account sign in error arise when the users doesn’t put the correct credentials in the login fields. Its mostly happen when google is unable to verify its you.

couldnt sign in

In such condition you can overcome the error by following the account recovery options.

Fix “Something Went Wrong” error

This is the common error which may be raised because of network issue, browser issue etc. In such case you can clear the cache and cookies from your browser and then check for the updates. If it is required then you need to complete the system updates and then restart your system and then continue signing in into your Gmail account with correct information.

something went wrong

Solve “Gmail won’t load” error

Sometimes when you log-in into your gmail account, the gmail won’t load because of some technical issues. But don’t need to get annoyed as the error can resolved very easily. For fixing the problem you need to follow some fixes and you will find your error resolved easily. Follow these steps to fix the error-

Gmail wont load

  • Just use your Gmail without any extensions, open Gmail in your incognito mode. Then clear your browser‘s cache & cookies. After that use your Gmail again and see if the problem is solved.

Above mentioned are just some common errors arise during the use of Gmail but there are many other errors too which interrupts the use of Gmail services, some of those can be solved and some are unable to be solved. If you are facing any issue regarding Gmail then you are free to take help by Gmail helpline.

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