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How to Fix Hacked Comcast Email Account?

How to Sign Up For Comcast Email Account?

Nowadays, the Internet is touching every corner of our life and an email ID is the center of all our activities through the Internet. Although the Internet is much safer now than it was used to be still Hacking is one of the primary security issues that email users have to deal with. If you are an Xfinity internet or voicemail user then you must have a Comcast Email account. Like any other Email account, the Comcast email is also prone to online security threats including Hacking.

With the advance of latest technologies, the hackers are using new and modern techniques to the hack the email accounts. The techniques like phishing and clickjacking are commonly used to hack email accounts. If you are an Xfinity internet user and think your Comcast email account is hacked then you need not worry at all. It is still possible to fix hacked Comcast email account effectively. In this post, we will discuss the steps to restore and fix hacked Comcast Email account. click here to know How to Sign Up For Comcast Email Account

Know if your account is hacked

Sometimes, hackers are really clever they won’t let you know that your Email account is hacked. They just keep snooping in your email account and keep track of the activities you do through your email ID. Here are some clues that you can observe to know if your account is hacked.

  • If you are noticing that some unrecognized emails are being sent from your Comcast email account then it is quite possible that your account might be hacked.
  • Check your Comcast email account last activities, if you find any uncommon IP addresses then your account seems to be hacked.
  • If you are receiving unexpected emails regarding the topic you have no idea about then it is possible that someone else might also be using your Comcast email account.

If you suspect that your account is hacked then you should take necessary actions immediately because your privacy is at the constant risk.

Steps to fix Hacked Comcast Email account

The complication of getting the hacked Comcast Email account back depends upon whether your account is compromised by the hacker or not. If your account is not yet compromised (change password, recovery option etc.) then it is quite easy to recover a hacked Comcast email account. On the other hand, it can be a complex task to fix hacked Comcast email account if it is compromised. Here are the steps you need to follow in order to recover a hacked Comcast email account.

Step – 1: Change Comcast Email account

  • If your password is not yet changed by the hacker then the first thing you need to do is change the password.
  • You should set the password in such a way that it is difficult for a hacker to guess it.

Step – 2: Change the password of the related account

  • If you are using Comcast password for other related services as well then you should change the password for them too.

Step – 3: Run account recovery if the password is changed

  • Unfortunately, if your password is changed by the hacker then you need to run Comcast email password recovery.
  • To reset Comcast password you need to prove your identity either via verifying the phone number associated with your Xfinity account or by verifying the SSN.

Step – 4: Change the security questions and answers

  • After getting your hacked Comcast email account back, you need to change the security questions and answers.
  • It is important to change the security questions because the hacker might have seen them. So, they can hack your Comcast email account again if you don’t change them.

Step – 5: Change the Backup email address

  • If the hacker got access to your recovery email account then your Comcast email account can get hacked again.
  • You should change your recovery email address so that your account remains safe.

After following all the 5 steps mentioned above your Comcast Email account is safe from the hackers.

How to keep your Comcast Email account safe in future?

Here are some precautions that you may take in order to keep your account safe from the future hacking attacks.

  • Remember, you should never access your Comcast Email account on an unsecured wi-fi network or public computer.
  • Never click on the suspicious link sent to you from an unknown sender.
  • You should always use the secured “https” address in order to visit Comcast email website.
  • Xfinity allows you to create up to 7 Comcast email accounts. You should not use the same password for all of them.
  • Always keep a good and updated antivirus installed on your PC.
  • Keep your PC up to date by installing all the windows updates available.

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