Can’t Create Gmail Account Get Solution in Simple Steps

Gmail is mostly used web based mailing service and Gmail also provides many useful and easy features for  the users so that the users may use Gmail mailing service without facing any difficulty. But the Gmail users get frustrated at that time when they face the problem in the basic step of getting entered into Gmail service i.e. problem in signing-up into Gmail. In such condition the user would not be able to use the services provided by Gmail itself. You can sign-up into Gmail you just need to follow the steps which are mentioned below-

Steps to Sign-up into Gmail Account

  • Go to the official website of Gmail i.e.
  • Click on the link “Gmail” at the upper right corner.
  • Now, click on “Create an Account” link.Now you will see a sign-up form at the right side, in which the first text field is for first name and the second one is for last name. So here you can put first name in “First Name” and last name in “Last Name”.
  • The next field is “Choose your Username”, here you need to fill the username which you want to choose for your Gmail Account. Here you would get your Gmail which will be like “” eg “” etc. You have to choose the username very carefully it should be unique and in the correct format otherwise your username would not be created.

Gmail Sign Up

  • In the next field you have to enter the password in “create a password” and “confirm your password” fields. The password y
  • ou have decided should be very unique and difficult to guess by anyone else.
  • Now you have to fill the birthday information in “Birthday” field , here you have to choose “Month” “Date” and “Year” from the given list.
  • Next you will have to select the “Gender” from the list.
  • Enter you Mobile number under ”Mobile Phone” Field. You can choose the phone number which you use permanently so that you can use it for account verification and if it is required in future then you will use it for account recovery also.
  • Enter your Email address which is being used by you currently in “Your Current Email Address” this is optional for you to fill this field. But if you fill it you will find it useful for recovering Gmail account password.
  • After filling all these fields click on “Next step” Button given below. Here you will be redirected to the next page.
  • Where you will have to confirm your phone number. You will get a verification code on the mobile number you have entered in the previous step. Put the verification code in “Enter Verification Code” .
  • Click Verified.
  • Your Gmail account is created.

Now you can login with the username and password you entered in at the time of Sign-up.

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