How To Fix Gmail App Not Working On My Phone Issue 2021? Top Reasons Why Gmail App Stops Working On Phone with Solution for different issues in Gmail app

“My Gmail app suddenly stopped working Today ”- this is one of the most common problems faced by a Gmail user. Users often fail to send and receive emails through their Gmail address because of certain reasons. These reasons prevent Gmail app from functioning properly. If you are also among those users who are facing problems with the Gmail app then this post will certainly help you in solving the issue.

Gmail needs no introduction as it is by far the most used email app in the world used by more than a billion people.  When Gmail app stops working in the mobile phone, users cannot access their emails, cannot send messages, and cannot login into their account among other issues. If these issues are not solved on time, then they can create more trouble and unnecessary hassle for you. The post will guide on how the ways in which you can get rid of Gmail app not working on phone issue easily.

Top Reasons Why Gmail App Stops Working On Phone 2020

As told above, there can be many reasons why you cannot use Gmail app to send or receive emails. Given below is the list of some of the most common reasons behind “Gmail app stopped responding” issue-

  • Problem in syncing emails
  • No storage space left on Gmail account
  • Device ran out of storage space
  • Virus in your phone preventing Gmail to work properly
  • 3rd party app creating conflicts
  • Gmail app not updated
  • Gmail account got blocked

These reasons can prevent the Gmail app from working normally. If not fixed on time, you won’t be able to access Gmail on your phone. However, with the help of Gmail customer support, you can solve the issues and get the proper troubleshooting required to fix the errors causing the problem in the first place.

Solution for different issues in Gmail app

In order to resolve the Gmail app not working issue, you need to go through the step by step instructions given below-

Fix the syncing problem in Gmail: Syncing issues in Gmail app can cause problem in sending and receiving emails. To fix it, you need to follow the instructions provided below-

  • Update Gmail app to the latest version so that the newly introduced updated packs are installed on your phone.
  • Make sure to go through the settings in the app. If the sync option is disabled then tap the “sync Gmail” option to enable the syncing feature and restart the device.
  • Ensure that your phone is well connected to the internet. Turn on the wifi or mobile data if it is turned off. Disable the airplane mode.
  • Clear the cache and app data from Gmail. Go to the storage section in Gmail app and click on the “clear” button to erase the cache and date from Gmail app.

Buy the storage space or delete unnecessary emails: If you’re getting an error message stating “Gmail stopped responding” then this might be due to the lack of storage space in your account. In this case, you can remove the unnecessary emails from your account to make some space or purchase extra space.

Scan your mobile phone for virus and remove it: Malicious virus or malware present in your mobile phone can also cause problem with the Gmail app making it stop working. You can get rid f the problem by scanning for the virus and remove it instantly.

Uninstall the 3rd party app: 3rd party apps such as a game app, torrent, and media player can create a conflicting situation and freeze your device. To resolve the issue, you need to uninstall the responsible 3rd party app.

Request Google to unblock Gmail account: If your Gmail app is not working because your account has been blocked by Google, then you need to request it to resolve the problem. After verifying your identity as the owner of the account and going through guidelines, Google will give back access to your Gmail account.

Update the app: Sometimes updating the Gmail app also helps in resolving the problems causing the app not to respond. Therefore, you should frequently perform the updates whenever they become available.

Remove unnecessary apps from phone: A lot of time users install unnecessary apps that they don’t even use. This can prevent the Gmail app from working properly. You must uninstall those apps to fix the “Gmail not responding” issue on the android phone.

In case you cannot fix the problem using these solutions, then you should give a call on the Gmail customer support helpline number for further help and assistance. The technicians available there will guide you towards the necessary troubleshooting steps to fix the problem.

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