How to fix Gmail Most Common Issue “sync error” in Android?

Gmail is that mailing service which is used by most of the people for their web based mailing. Gmail users also face many issues during the access of Gmail. One of the mostly faced error is sync error. Sometimes gmail app shows you the sync error and your gmail inbox will not show you the newly arrived messages. But sync error is not a big issue, you need not to worry about it because the solution of these errors is available and you may get rid of such errors easily. people face the errors like Can’t send mail, Not receiving or not loading new mail, Can’t open or read mail, Inbox not updating, “Account not synced” errorNot receiving notifications for new messages, App is very slow etc.

If you are also facing the gmail issues like above mentioned then you firstly need to recover these. You can fix Gmail sync not working in order to get email notifications on your Android phone easily. You just need to follow the given steps.

Steps to Fix “Sync Error”

  • Open your Gmail app in android device.
  • Now click on the icon given on the top left corner of the app and here you will find various options. But you just scroll down and select ‘settings’ option from menu.

Gmail Sync

  • After it you will see the option “Sync Gmail” below the Data usage tab, there is a check box against it and you have to check it. If you don’t tick the check box then the gmail messages will automatically stop to come. So you should enable it for overcoming the problem of Gmail sync.
  • You can also set the auto synchronization to your app, you can select the time period so that your mail sync would be automatically after that particular time.
  • After it you will start to get the messages in your Gmail app.

After following the above steps your Gmail messages will start to come and will automatically synchronized . But if you still face any problem in synchronization of your Gmail app then you can get help by the Gmail Technical Support Helpline.

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