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How to Stop Emails from Going to Spam?

Thinking back to the past, I.e. exactly in the period of 1990's, the webmail platforms were not much popular as of Now. At that time people were used the beta version of webmail, which was not so good in terms of security and features. Later, in the beginning of 2000, the internet organizations like Yahoo Inc and Microsoft launched web mail. Thereafter, in 2004, the search engine giant Google Inc launched their webmail Gmail which cause the revolution of web mail. Gmail now having more than 600 million users, most of its users are from the United States. An average of 30,000 signups are happening on Gmail in every month and in the same time also, approximately of 10,000 Plus issues are reporting from the Gmail sue to the several reasons including spam Filter, Email access, password lost etc. The principal reasons for occur the issues are many, which like improper way of account accessing, weak firewalls, weak password and malware presence. Here, we are forwarding some suggestive tips for maintaining the security of Gmail.

Contagious Passwords

When was the last Time, you find out that your Gmail account password is not perfect? Might be, you get aware about it once after someone hacks your web account. We can undoubtedly say that the principal reason for the hacking is because of the insecure passwords you configured in Gmail. As you also might heard about the hacking and phishing attempts in the webmail. Do you know that more than 2,000,000 webmail accounts are became the prey of hacking. To resolve the issue, the first needy thing is configure a secure email password with your account. For your personal webmail, it is not at all practicable to create a password using the Gmail password generator, create a password that can easily remember you, but difficult to guess for others. You can preview the strength of the configured password in the Gmail password Checker.

Changing the Gmail password thrice in a Year, it helps to ensure the mailing security and make sure that your new password hasn't had a similarity with the existed passwords.

Spam mails

If you receiving abundant count of spam mails, then, believe that your Gmail account will be in trouble with in few days. What was the exact reason behind the happening of spam mails? Most of the spam emails are receiving when the user itself subscribed their email with some web pages for receiving their web page account. Similarly, the spammers use particular robotic software that are able to pick the @signed email accounts from the forums and the social sites. Such a case, sharing your personal Gmail ID in the online forums and web pages is not really a good method. Remove it from there, in case you shared it to somewhere on online.