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Someone Stolen My Gmail password how to Secure Gmail Password?

How my Gmail passwords get to know by someone? A mysterious question of many email users and even most of the users of Gmail don’t know how to fix the error with the account. Now days millions of Gmail accounts are became the prey of hackers and as you know that one of the primary reasons behind the hacking is insecure passwords. A survey of had revealed that more than 30% of emails are configured with insecure passwords like admn1234, myemailpassword, 1234567, password, etc.

The common similarly of the entire above detected password is - it is easily identifiable for any user and what exactly the user must do is, they have to configure a good and secure password for the users. There are also few more other reasons behind the email hacking that includes, network hacking, outdated OS, and apps. Here, we are suggesting you some outstanding ways to make your Gmail password safe and secure. In any case, if you have any doubts related to this topic, please ask your query through the comment section shown right below, else you can contact us. We are the one independent technicians offering live technical support to users for resolving the issues like account hacking, spamming, retrieving of hacked email, etc.

Suggested ways to secure the Gmail account

1. Change the Gmail password thrice in a year

It helps to helps the Gmail to protect from the vulnerabilities like hacking, spamming, etc. In addition to this, never make a new password that exactly similar to the old password. The security of any password will decide on the basis of factors like length, character usage, password security, etc. we are suggesting to the users that contact the Gmail customer support etc. That’s the best and most relevant way of resolving the issues like hacking, spamming etc.

2. Check the recent login activity

There are many times a user came to know about the hacked email password once after their account been hacked and that’s not at all practicably a good method. To avoid such a complicated thing and monitor your Gmail account security, check the option ‘Last account access’ that shown at the bottom of the web page. Click there, you can find the last login IP address, Location and email address. That information helps to maintain the security of your webmail. In any case, you noticed any potential errors, please then contact to the Gmail customer support. That’s really a great way for the unknown ones for fixing the error.

3. Updated OS

Network hacking are one of the Common issue if many web account. A common reason of happening the network happening because of the outdated passwords. We are suggesting to the users that never use outdated operating systems; such outdated operating systems sometimes cause the entering of malicious links like malware, spam emails etc. And, these malwares are able to crack the passwords, so be updating your OS and make sure that your Gmail password is secure.