Get Solutions “Google Duo not Working and not Responding, Opening, Connecting”

Google Duo not working: Google Duo is a simple one to one video calling app developed by Google. Being a product of Google, Duo offers best-in-class quality in video calling with unmatched security. Qualities that makes Google Duo better than most of its competitors isits simplicity and easy-to-use functionality. Despite all these advantages, we still can’t say that Google Duo is a completely flawless app. Still, problems like Google Duo not working, not responding etc. are quite common among the users.

Google Duo Not working

In this tutorial, you will find the possible reasons why Google Duo is not working on your device and what you can do in order to fix them.

Problems and Issues in Google Duo

Like all other video calling apps, Google Duo is also susceptible to a variety of issues. Although, it is very difficult to list all possible Google Duo issues we have created a list of some of the most common ones as given below.

  • Unable to install Google Duo
  • Audio related issues in Google Duo
  • Google Duo not working on iPhone
  • Google Duo not responding
  • Unable to uninstall Google Duo
  • Google Duo not opening
  • Unable to install Google Duo
  • Video getting paused while using Google Duo
  • Google Duo not connecting
  • Google Duo isn’t responding

No matter what the exact problem is if you can’t use Google Duo then you can miss out on some very important conversations.

How to fix Google Duo issues?

There is a very diverse list of possible problems why your Google Duo app not responding or working properly. That’s why there are multiple solutions that you should try in case you are dealing with some issue while using Google Duo.

  1. Force stop Google Duo app and run it again.
    1. This is the most effective solution if your Google Duo app is not responding.
    2. Here are the steps that you should follow in order to stop and launch Google Duo.
      1. Open “Applications” option under the “settings” and then select “Application manager”.
      2. Choose “Google Duo” and tap “Force stop”.
  • Finally, you may launch the Google duo again from the home screen of your smartphone.
  1. Restart your Device
    1. Well, this is the oldest yet effective trick by which you can fix various issues related to your mobile.
    2. Restarting the device can reset the incorrect settings and help you fix minor Google Duo malfunctioning.
  2. Check your Internet connection and Battery
    1. A weak battery and Internet connection can often result in the bad video quality problem in the Google Duo app.
    2. In case you are getting a bad video quality on video calls then you should ensure that your internet connection is stable. Also, make sure that your device is not running low on battery life.
  3. Make sure that your camera is not blocked by the accumulation of dust or something else.
    1. It is obvious that if your camera is blocked by something then you will not get a good quality in your video calls.So, make sure your camera is clean.
    2. Sometimes, users mistakenly put finger on the camera during video calls on Google Duo. Make sure you are not doing this.
  4. Scan your device using a good antivirus
    1. In case all the above steps fail to resolve the exact problem you are facing then we recommend you to scan your device using good antivirus software.

Tips for using Google Duo in a better way

Google Duo is certainly one of the best video calling app available today if you use it properly. Here are some tips that you may follow in order to use Google Duo in a better way.

  1. Always make sure you have adequate lights in the room in which you are doing to a video call.
  2. Make sure nothing blocks your device’s microphone and camera
  3. You should connect to wifi before doing a video call on Google Duo. Using wifi will not only save your data usage but also help you get a better video connection.
  4. If you are on a slow or unstable internet connection then you may turn off the video and do the basic audio calling.
  5. Switch to different camera views and make sure the camera points to your face.

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