Why Google Voice Search Stops Working In Android Phone? 2020

Technical help to Fix Google Voice Search Not Working 2020: Google voice search is one of the best functions in the Smartphone devices introduced by Google where you can get the answers in a jiffy. What a voice search actually does is that it searches for the related information once you instruct it through voice command.  But when the Google voice search function stops responding, this makes the experience of using google through voice command unpleasant one. Users have to manually open Google and type in the queries they want to get the information on. If the “ok google” command feature is also not working then clearly you need to fix the issue soon. In this article, we’ll focus on the solution through which the problem of Google voice search not working can be addressed.

Why Google Voice Search Stops Working In Android Phone?

Here are the possible reasons why Google voice search does not work sometimes in your mobile device-

  • Mismatched voice command
  • Incorrect language settings
  • Problem with the microphone
  • Google assistance is disabled
  • “Ok Google” function is turned off
  • Outdated Google app
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These are some of the reasons why are not able to use voice command to find information on Google. However, there can be other reasons preventing you to access Google through Google voice search. Google always keep tabs on the recurrent issues with its app. You can always take the assistance of Google support for resolving the “Google voice command not working” issue on Android or iPhone device.

How to fix Google voice search is not working issue?

Given below are some of the know solutions for fixing “ok google” not working issue. You should go through the solutions mentioned. However, if you still face any problem, then you may get in touch with Google technical support for further help and assistance.

Retrain Google assistant for your voice: You need to retrain the assistant for your voice if the voice you use to command Google do not matches the one you’ve previously set. To train Google to recognize your voice, you need to follow the instructions given below-

  • Open the Google app on your phone
  • Tap on the “menu” icon at the top-left side of the home screen and go to the “settings”.
  • Now select the “assistant” and locate your phone under the “assistant devices”.
  • Turn on the “Google assistant” and tap on the “voice model”.
  • Then you need to tap on the “delete voice model” and hit the “ok” button.
  • Now turn on the access with voice match and follow the steps to record your voice command.

Check the Google assistant: In case you’ve mistakenly turned off the Google assistant then you won’t be able to use the voice command feature by Google. To set things right, you need to check if the assistant is turned on or not by following the given instructions-

  • Hold the “home” button on your android mobile or iPhone.
  • If you can see a message on the screen “hi! How can I help you” then your Google assistant is working just fine.
  • But if don’t get the message then you need to turn on the “ok Google” command.

Turn on “ok google” function: The process to turn on the “ok Google” is explained below. You can choose to enable this feature with or without Google assistant-

With Google assistant

  • Tap the “settings” tray on your phone.
  • Select “assistant” option and locate your phone under the “assistant devices” section.
  • Now turn on the “Google assistant” and also enable the “access with voice match” option.
  • In case you want “ok Google” command to automatically unblock your android or iPhone then you need to tap on the “unlock with voice match” option.

Without Google assistant

  • Go to the settings and hit the “voice” option followed by “voice match” tab.
  • You need to turn on the “access with voice match” option.
  • To unlock your phone automatically on “ok Google” command, tap the concerned button on the screen.

Check your microphone: Check your microphone for the errors. If you cannot hear your voice in the recorder then there is a probability that the microphone in the mobile is not working. Try to turn off the microphone permission and then when you try to command Google, you will be asked to turn on the access to microphone. After turning on the same, you need to check if the Google voice search is working not. Feel free to follow the guidance in the post and see if anything works. If the problem still exists then contact Google support for more help.

Update the Google app: Sometimes the outdated app can create all sorts of problem in using Google freely on your phone. Therefore, to get rid of the Google voice search not working issue, you need to update the app to the latest version. Go to the play store and update the app if you’re using android phone and iPhone users can go to the app store for the same. The latest version of Google app always contains certain fixes that are meant to resolve issues with the app.

Change the language settings: Sometimes frequently changing the language settings can also cause Google voice search to not respond. You need to use the language settings as per your region or location. The language settings can be changed from the settings app available on your mobile devices.

Check your phone for problems: If the solutions stated above do not fare well with you, then there might be some problem with your device itself. You need to get your device checked by a trained technician. There can be a technical problem preventing you to access Google voice search command. Get it fixed on time to enjoy the seamless experience of using the voice command to look for information in the search engine easily. For any query or technical assistance, you may contact Google by dialing the Google support number to quicker resolution.

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