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Hotmail Stopped Working password, Login, Loading, Sign in

Learn how to fix this in simple steps Hotmail Stopped Working

Hotmail is a discontinued email service which is now merged into the MS Outlook. Although Hotmail is no longer exists the old Hotmail email address remains the same. Users can still log in to their Hotmail email ID through the Outlook. However, this transition of Hotmail to Outlook doesn’t go well for many users. Now and again, we can see many Hotmail users complaining that their Hotmail account is not working properly or Hotmail stopped working completely.

There is no such device that is completely immune to the Hotmail errors and issues. It is not rare to find the users complaining that their Hotmail stopped working on Mac device, Hotmail stopped working on android etc. In case you are also encountering the similar type of problem then you are in the right place. Here, we will list down different Hotmail problems and most convenient steps to fix them.

Generic issues with Hotmail

Like any other web-based email service Hotmail/ outlook also involves various technicalities. These technicalities can result in highly diverse errors and issues. That’s why every individual can face different Hotmail error. Nevertheless, there are some common issues and errors that Hotmail users have to deal with on quite a regular basis as given below:

  • Hotmail has stopped loading
  • Hotmail stopped responding
  • Unable to log in to Hotmail on Outlook.
  • www.Hotmail Email stopped opening
  • Hotmail has loading very slowly.
  • Password stopped working
  • Receiving too many spam emails in Hotmail inbox.
  • login issues like Forget Hotmail password, Hotmail password recovery not working etc.
  • not syncing with Android
  • Unable to receive emails in Hotmail
  • Hotmail not working on chrome or any other specific browser etc.

You should note that the issues mentioned here are just for the illustration purpose. Actually, there are many more issues that we can categorize under the Hotmail stopped working problem.

Why does Hotmail Stopped working for you?

After reading the post this far, you must have understood what are the issues that can stop Hotmail to work properly? Now, let’s move on to the reasons behind Hotmail not working or stopped working problem.

  • Using on a browser that is not supported or outdated.
  • Using Hotmail on a device that is not compatible.
  • Way too many caches and cookies stored in the browser blocking Hotmail to work properly.
  • Hotmail account blocked by Microsoft.
  • Incorrect PC configuration resulting in Hotmail stopped working or not loading issues.
  • Random browser add-ons and extensions causing hindrance in the Hotmail workflow.
  • The javascript might be disabled in the browser.
  • Forgetting login credential
  • Software conflict due to antivirus and windows firewall settings.

The reasons can be different but the problem that you can face due to not being able to access your Hotmail account can be immense. So, you should try to resolve the Hotmail problems as early as possible.

How to Fix Hotmail Stopped working issue with ease?

The “Hotmail Stopped working” is not an issue in itself. Actually, it is a collective term used for different Hotmail errors and issues. Let’s move on to the steps to fix Hotmail issues with ease.

Hotmail stopped loading/opening

Follow the steps given below to fix that kind of issues

  • Make sure that your internet connection is working properly without any interference.
  • The browser you are using to load Hotmail/ outlook should be compatible.
  • Reload the website after clearing the browser data such as cache memory, cookies, search history etc.
  • Run Hotmail again after disabling add-ons and extensions in your browser.
  • You may also try to run the Hotmail / outlook again after temporarily disabling the Antivirus/ Windows firewall.

Unable to login to Hotmail Email account on MS outlook

You should be able to log in to Hotmail account on outlook with ease. In case you encounter any error then you should follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, make sure you are using the correct login ID and Password.
  • If you forget Hotmail password then you should run Hotmail password recovery.
  • Try to log in using any other browser and device.
  • Make sure your Hotmail is not blocked by Microsoft due to any reason.
  • If the problem continues then you should Contact Hotmail support as your account might be hacked. stopped receiving emails

The problem in receiving emails on Hotmail can be either at your end or at your sender’s end.

  • In order to check this problem, you should try to send yourself an email. If you receive an email then the problem might be with your sender’s account.
  • Make sure your sender is using your correct email id.
  • Also ensure that you haven’t blocked the sender.
  • Check your spam and trash folder as sometimes the incoming mails can there as well.
  • Make sure you haven’t created any filter to block emails from that particular sender.
  • Ask your senders to contact the customer service of their email service provider.

In case the Hotmail stopped working problem continues to haunt you even after following the steps mentioned in this post then you should Contact Hotmail support for help.