How to add authentication icon for verified senders in Gmail?

How can we know, if any messages is sent to us is not a spoof or fraud? Because in most of the scenario we have seen that, the spammers sent a fraud message to us and the user thinks that this email is sent by a real website or company that you might trust. But actually this is not true because that message is not authenticated. So if you want to get rid of this problem, you have to check your message is authenticated or not.

Sometime user see a question mark just next to sender name, it means that message is not authenticated. And if you downloading any kind of attachment or reply to that email may cause you more problem. So here you have to check first the mail is authenticated or not. For this:

  • Open your Gmail account by entering the email id and password.
  • Then open the mail, and click down the arrow below the sender name. Here message is authenticated if you people see:
  1. Signed by header with the sending domain.
  2. Mailed by header with domain name such as:

And if you see the question mark then be careful about its replying and downloading anything.

But here the question is how you will solve this issue, for this problem the only solution is “authenticated icon for verified sender” if you people enable this option in your Gmail account then you are capable to know who trusted sender is or who not. Just go with the simple steps which are described here, so that you can easily enable this and get rid of this particular problem.

  1. Open the browser where you start your Gmail account. After that click on setting icon and scroll down to setting option and hit that setting option.
  2. Then click on labs option and enable it under the section of “authenticated icon for verifies senders”.
  3. And last, click on save change option.

So never download these kinds of attachment if you feel that this is not trusted. If the messages are classified correctly, it means they are authenticated and you can easily reply on that mail and download it.

If you found any kind of problem regarding this, just get in touch with technical experts.


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