How to fix if someone else is accessing my Gmail account?

Whenever we access the Gmail from any public computer like cyber café then definitely there is possibility of account hacking or some unusual activities from our Gmail account. It happens with most of the user, they access the Gmail from any public computer and after that they forget to logout, and meanwhile any unauthorized person can easily access your account and perform some anti-social activities in your account.

For instance, if anyone accesses your account without your permission and knowledge so how you will know from where your account has been accessed? How you fix if someone accesses your Gmail account? If you didn’t have any kind of idea regarding this problem, then immediately follow the points which I mention here. So that you can easily resolve your problem.

  1. The Gmail offers you to see the details from where your Gmail account has been accessed. For this, open your Gmail account and look bottom right side where you find the option of details. By the help of this feature you can easily find out that spy who accesses your Gmail account from different location. This detail option shows you type of access and IP address of the computer which is logged your Gmail account.
  2. If you found that someone access your account, then immediately change your password. If it is late, then surely you lose your Gmail account. for password change:
  • You have to sign in my account, then choose signing into Google under the “sign in & security” option.
  • Then choose the password which you want. And enter the new password and select change password. Make sure the password looks strong, so that no one can easily hacked it and access your account without your permission.

3. You can also check and confirms that, if someone accesses your Gmail account and forward any kind of mails and messages from your account. For this: login in your Gmail account, then move to setting icon then click on setting option. After that new window will appear, where you have to select the “forwarding and POP/IMAP” option. Make sure if any of the email has been forwarded to your Gmail account then you will get the information about that.

4. Folks the security is in our hand, so secure your computer with up to date antivirus software, security patches and so on. So that no one can easily access your Gmail account without your permission.

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