How to fix No Connection, Temporary Error, or Oops in Gmail?

Sometimes it happens that, if any Gmail user indulge in working on their Gmail account but all sudden he receive some unusual message from Gmail side like “temporary error”, “oops” error, “no connection error”. He does not know what went wrong with his Gmail account, why it shows that type of messages. Due to this type of error no one are allow to send and receive the message and it just like a full stop on their mail.

But if you are reading this post then don’t worry because today I am sharing what are the possible solutions regarding this problem and how to overcome of temporary error in Gmail.

How do I solve the “No connection” error in Gmail?

Guys if you received this kind of no error message that means there is something went wrong in your browser. Here you have to check that you are connected with internet or not. Check it properly and if there is internet issue, then contact to internet service provider. You can also close your system and restart it again or simply sign out and sign in again. Fortunately it works. But if not then go with other solutions.

How can I fix my “Temporary error”?

This temporary error generally occurs if you are trying to sign in your Gmail account but it says that your mail is temporarily unavailable. For this problem I suggest you to wait for sometime then again try to sign in your Gmail account.

How to solve the “oops” error?

If you receiving this type of error then try these below solutions to overcome of this problem.

  • First ensure that which web browser you are using for your Gmail account. For effective and efficient mailing, you have to go with some supported web browsers such as: internet explorer, Google chrome, safari, Mozilla Firefox etc.
  • If you installed any kind of extensions or add-ons then quickly turn off these extensions or add-ons.
  • You can also clear your browsers cookies and cache for this:
  1. Go to the chrome browser and click on tool option. Then click on clear browsing data. After that under the clear browsing data box you have to click on cookies and other site data and cached images and files.
  2. Now select the amount of data which you have to delete and finally click on clear browsing data.

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