How to Get More Storage Space and Increase Storage in Gmail?

The Gmail is widely popular free web mail service provider which is consumed by millions of users on daily basis only just because of its enormous storage feature. It offers plethora of storage capacity for their users so that they can easily receive mails and store it. But after a couple of years users cannot work efficiently with the Gmail because its storage is full. Make sure the Gmail offers 15GB of storage capacity for users but apart from that if you need then what will you do? Here I share quick and easy tips for clearing out a significant amount of space from your Gmail account so that you can easily work with your email account.

How to Increase Gmail Storage Space Free?

  1. If you want to free up your Gmail account space then quickly delete your all old messages.
  2. You can also delete the files which are irrelevant. Delete all the large attachments, unwanted emails, spam and junk types emails. Once you successfully delete all these kinds of messages then surely you will get more space and you can work with your Gmail account in an effective way.
  3. You can also search all the mails by size in Gmail and delete it. Make sure delete all high sized data.
  4. Immediate remove unnecessary images from the Google photos and Google drive to get the more space in Gmail.
  5. Download all the local copies which reside in your Gmail.

This is the way you can increase your space in Gmail but still you do not want to delete any of the message & want more space then the only way is to move to “drive storage page” of Google account.

How to Increase Google Drive Storage Free & Paid?

  1. First you have to open the drive storage page.
  2. Then click on blue button for choose the plan
  3. User can pay for more storage space in various ways: with pay pal, Google wallet balance, redeem code, credit or debit card etc.
  4. Finally click on subscribe button to confirm the payment.

By this way you can increase more storage space in Gmail.

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