How to Talk to Live person at CCleaner Antivirus

How to Talk to Live person at CCleaner Antivirus: Ccleaner is a computer performance enhancement tool developed by Piriform. Although CCleaner is developed to enhance the speed of a computer, many a time it also shows different errors and issues as well. CCleaner optimizes your computer by deleting the temporary and junk files. This software is recommended if you use your computer to access the internet. However, you may face a lot of problems due to Ccleaner if it starts to show malfunctioning. You can get the solution to most of the Ccleaner malfunctioning on the internet. However, it is better to talk to a live Person at CCleaner if the issues are a bit technical in nature.

Talking to a live agent is considered very helpful because doing this will make you understand the solutions in a better way. In this article, we will discuss the various methods by which you can talk to a real support agent at CCleaner.

What are the Common Errors and Issues in CCleaner?

Just like any other software, CCleaner also involves a lot of technical/ non-technical errors. It is not feasible to discuss all the problems in a single article. However, there are some very common problems that a CCleaner user has to face every now and then as given below. We have illustrated some general solutions to these problems as well.

  1. Ccleaner not working on Windows 10: The latest version of Ccleaner is readily compatible with windows 10. You should update Ccleaner in order to fix the problem. However, if Ccleaner still not working then you should speak to a live person at Ccleaner
  2. Unable to install Ccleaner: If you are dealing with Ccleaner installation error then you should make sure that your computer system fulfills all the system requirements of CCleaner. Also, ensure that you are logged in as an administrator while installing Ccleaner on your Computer.
  3. CCleaner not clearing the junk files: Please note that CCleaner only clears the junk file of the current user account. In case you are looking to clear the files from other user accounts then you must log into the other account.
  4. CCleaner update not working: Generally, this type of problems occurs when you try to update Ccleaner on an old device that is not compatible. It is recommended to talk a live Support executive at CCleaner in order to fix such problems.
  5. Problems in uninstalling CCleaner: Sometimes, you may find it difficult to uninstall Ccleaner completely through the Control panel. In such cases, you need to remove CCleaner through the windows registry.
  6. CCleaner not responding on Mac: All the models of Ccleaner are developed to work smoothly with iOS and Mac devices. In case your CCleaner not working on Mac then you should check the CCleaner system requirement for Mac and run it again.
  7. Ccleaner crashes while cleaning: Most of the time, CCleaner crashes due to a low storage space in the device or due to a conflict with other software installed in the device. Talking to a real executive at Ccleaner will help you identify why Ccleaner crashing in your PC.
  8. ZoneAlarm firewall warning after running Ccleaner: ZoneAlarm firewall raise these warnings to keep your computer safe. You should not bother much about these warning because Ccleaner does not contain any spyware or adware.

If the issue you are facing is not mentioned in this post then you need not worry at all. All you need to do is talk to a live person at Piriform Ccleaner and get the most convenient solution to the particular.

 How to Contact a real support executive at CCleaner?

There are multiple ways by which you can get your problems fixed by real customer services executives at Ccleaner. Some of the common ways to get Ccleaner support by live agents are discussed below:

Submit a support request at Ccleaner official website

The most common way to get the support from a live agent of Ccleaner is submitting the request on the CCleaner website. In order to submit the support request, you need to provide your name, email address, subject, and description of the problem. The live support technician of CCleaner will contact you after analyzing the problem you are facing. Here is the direct link to submit a Ccleaner tech support request:

CCleaner technical support on twitter

Nowadays, social media is also an effective method to talk to a live support agent of CCleaner. If you are looking for Ccleaner Customer Service through twitter then you need to tweet your problem to official twitter handle i.e. “@piriform”. Instead of tweeting your problem, you can also send a DM (Direct Message) about your problem to the support team on twitter.

CCleaner Customer service on Facebook

Just like Twitter, CCleaner also has its presence on Facebook as well. In order to talk to a live Person at CCleaner support helpdesk, you can contact them via Facebook messenger or by posting on their wall. Remember it is not necessary that you always get a reply while contacting CCleaner via Facebook or Twitter.

CCleaner Support Forum

Another popular way of getting a resolution of a CCleaner problem is posting your issue in Ccleaner Community forum. In the forum, you can talk to the live executives of Ccleaner along with the fellow users as well. Additionally, you can also read the questions already posted in the forum which can be very helpful if you are facing a generic Ccleaner problem.

Some important points to remember

Here are some important points that you should know about talking to a live person at CCleaner.

  • Please note that Piriform does not provide Ccleaner support on phone. There is no Ccleaner support phone number; you will be contacted only via email after submitting the support request.
  • Although there is no Ccleaner helpline number for support, you can contact Piriform via phone for business and sales purpose. The worldwide Toll free number for CCleaner Business inquiry is 0018008169004.
  • To be updated with the latest news regarding Ccleaner you can also subscribe to the Ccleaner blog.