How to Talk to live person at Malwarebytes

Talk to Real person at Malwarebytes Anti Malware Support, Talk to Live Person at Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is a one-stop solution for different issues related to malware, spyware, etc in your system. To keep your system in a good working condition, it is recommended that you install Malwarebytes. But have you ever thought what happens when Malwarebytes itself stops working. How can it keep your system safe from different threats then? Well, not to worry as in any such situation, you can talk to live person at Malwarebytes. You can explain your problems to the customer representatives and they will provide you the needful answers. You can contact the Malwarebytes customer service via chat, product forum or by generating a ticket.

Common Malwarebytes Related Issues

Despite its smooth working, sometimes while using Malwarebytes, you may face certain issues. Some issues are more frequent than the others. A list of some Malwarebytes issues that are quite recurrent is given below.

  • Malwarebytes won’t install properly
  • Malwarebytes not opening
  • Malwarebytes has stopped working
  • Malwarebytes not performing system scan
  • Error in updating Malwarebytes
  • Malwarebytes not opening on windows 10
  • Malwarebytes not detecting threats
  • Malwarebytes not working/ not responding
  • Malwarebytes not deleting the threat found

Solutions for basic Malwarebytes problems

Below here are provided solutions for some Malwarebytes problems so the users can solve them on their own. However, for complex issues, one can always talk to live person at Malwarebytes.

Error in updating Malwarebytes

The simple steps in which you can update your Malwarebytes are given below. Follow these steps for successful Malwarebytes update.

  • Open Malwarebytes in our system and go to Settings
  • Click on the ‘Application’ button.
  • Go to the ‘Application Updates’ tab and select ‘Install Application Updates’.
  • A new window will appear on the screen.
  • Click on ok and then yes.
  • The ‘User Account Control’ window will appear next. Select ‘Yes’.
  • Now, from the drop-down menu select the setup language and click on ‘ok’.
  • Click on ‘Agree and Install’ to begin downloading the updates.
  • Tap on the ‘finish’ button after the installation process is complete.

How to fix ‘Malwarebytes not opening’ issue?

Malwarebytes not opening is one of the most common issues related to Malwarebytes. However, there are some simple troubleshooting measures you can try to fix this issues that are given below:

  • You can run Malwarebytes Chameleon, a tool designed specially to fix this issue
  • Ty renaming the Malwarebytes execution fileexe to explorer.exe.
  • Open Malwarebytes with your system in safe mode and perform a system scan. Once the scan completes, you can now run it in normal mode
  • Temporary disable any third-party software that might be creating trouble in opening Malwarebytes
  • Make sure you are using the updated version of Malwarebytes
  • If no other method as given above works, you may need to reinstall Malwarebytes

How to talk to real person at Malwarebytes?

Any kind of problem related to Malwarebytes can be fixed easily with the help of expert technicians. The different ways in which you can get in touch with the live experts for all your Malwarebytes problems are explained in detail below.

Live chat

One simplest way to contact Malwarebytes customer service executives is through live chat. You can launch a new chat by visiting the support page of Malwarebytes. Through chat, you can explain your issues directly to the executives and they will provide the right answers to all our Malwarebytes issues.

Depending on whether you use Malwarebytes for your personal use of professional, the chat options are available as follows.

For home support

If you are using Malwarebytes for personal work like in desktops and laptops in your home, the chat timings are as follows:

  • Active days: Monday to Friday
  • Active hours: 1 am to 5 pm Pacific and 8 am to 11 pm UTC

For business support

If you are professional user with Malwarebytes installed in your systems at your office or something like that, the active chat timing for you are given below:

  • Active days: Monday to Friday
  • Active hours: 2 am to 2 pm Pacific

Community forum

You can get in touch with others customers and Malwarebytes experts through community forums. You can ask the active members for the solution to your queries. Simply post your issue on the forum and you will get various replies on how to solve your problem. You may also find your queries already asked on the forum by other members. In this way, you can find the solution without even posting your issues on the forum.

Generate ticket

Another personalized way to get in contact with real person at Malwarebytes is by generating a ticket. For this, you need to create a ticket first by providing details such as Name, Email, Phone, Product, Request Details, etc. Once you provide all these details, click on the ‘submit ticket’. After successful submission of ticket, the experts will contact you via email id or phone number provided by you in the ticket.