MSN Not Working & MSN Homepage won’t Open in chrome 2020

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How to Fix MSN not working 2020: MSN is a web portal and related collection of Internet services and apps that provides you access to news related to almost every field of life. Be it sports, entertainment, finance, etc, you can find articles on almost every topic. Signing into MSN email also provides you a way of exchanging messages. To customize the use of MSN, you can also open your own MSN account. But there are times when issues arise and you are not able to work with MSN in a flawless manner that you should. The MSN not working can be due to many reasons and need to be fixed before it causes any loss. This article provides the users the different ways in which they can fix the MSN not working problem with great ease.

Reasons behind MSN not working 2020

There can be different reasons that might cause issues with MSN thus preventing users to work on it. Below listed are the common reasons for MSN not working. Knowing the actual reason can help the users in following the correct troubleshooting method.

  1. The problem is with the browser you are using to open MSN.
  2. Your system has some issues that are creating troubles while working with MSN.
  3. Any third-party program installed in your system is not allowing MSN to work.
  4. Browser extensions and plug-ins can also cause issues with MSN.
  5. Sometimes, a system infected with virus can create problems with MSN.
  6. A slow internet connection will also create problems with the proper working of MSN.

How to fix MSN not working 2020?

The not working of MSN need to be fixed immediately before it can create further issues like missing important emails. Below discussed are some basic things that the users can try to fix the not working of MSN. Try these methods one by one to see which method works the best for you.

Check your internet connection

Before you proceed with any troubleshooting, make sure that you have a good internet connection. If there is any problem with your internet connection, you can restart your router and modem (if used). If using a mobile device, turn mobile data on and off and make sure that airplane mode is not turned on in your device. Once you are sure that there is no problem with your internet, you can proceed with the other methods of troubleshooting.

Fix possible issues with your browser

In case the reason behind the MSN not working is a faulty browser, follow the steps given below to fix the problem.

  • Make sure you are using a compatible browser.
  • The browser you are using must be up-to-date.
  • Temporarily disable the plug-ins and extensions you are not using for the time you are working on MSN.
  • Clear cookies and caches from your browser. Delete browsing history if there is nothing very important to you.
  • Reset your browser to its original setting to see if this resolves the issue.
  • In case nothing else works, try opening MSN on another browser.

Fix possible issues with your device

Issues with your device can also be a major reason for not working of MSN. You can try the following to resolve the issues with your device.

  • The operating system of your device must be updated to its latest version.
  • Certain modules in your system might cause MSN to crash. If this happens, call experts to fix this problem for you.
  • Temporarily disable any third-party program installed in your system for the time period you are using MSN.
  • If you believe that there might be some threat in your device, run a scan using a good antivirus program. Delete the threats found and then open MSN again.
  • Make sure that your system fulfills the system requirements mandatory for working on MSN.

Fix problems with your MSN account

The problems can be with your MSN account itself that is preventing you from with it. You can try the steps given below to solve the issues with your MSN account.

  • Make sure that the status of your MSN account is active. You can check the status of your account by going to the website
  • In case of MSN login not working, make sure that you are using correct id and password.
  • Check whether there is any service outage in your area. If so, you need to wait for the Microsoft to fix it.
  • In case you are using MSN application, make sure to use the latest version of the app.

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