Get Right Solution Ok Google Voice Search Not Working 2021 and Major problems and issues in using “Ok” Google voice command search In simple method

Ok Google Voice Search Not Working 2021: Since the day of its launch, the popularity of Google search is growing at the rate of knots. The reason behind the ever-growing fame of Google is that it keeps on adding new and exciting feature which keep users stick to its services. One such update is Google Assistant.  It enables users to control their phone and devices using their voice command.

There is absolutely no doubt that “Google assistant” or “Ok Google Voice Search” is quite revolutionary and it can change the way we use our phones. However, the whole concept of voice-command based search is still new for many users. That’s why we can see a lot of queries like “Ok Google Voice search not working” being asked on many forums.

“OK Google” is the trigger word that activates Google assistance. Keep reading this post to understand the reason why OK Google voice search isn’t working for you and how you can fix it.

Major problems and issues in using “Ok” Google voice command search

As mentioned earlier, “Ok Google” is the trigger word by which we activate Google Assistant and then give it our voice command to perform specific tasks. The process is quite simple yet involves many major and minor issues. Here are some common problems that relate to the “Ok Google” voice command.

  1. Google assistance not recognizing my “Ok Google” voice command.
  2. “Okay Google” not responding on android
  3. Not getting a correct result after “Ok Google” voice search
  4. Google assistant voice not working properly on the iPhone.
  5. Problems due to Google assistant not reacting to the “Ok Google” voice command.
  6. Voice mismatch issues

It is very frustrating to repeat the same command i.e. “ok Google” to an unresponsive device.  However, there is nothing to worry about if you are facing a similar problem. You can fix your Google Assistant very easily by following some very basic troubleshooting steps.

Solutions to fix “Ok Google” voice search

You need not despair if the “Ok Google voice search not working on your phone. You can try the easy yet effective solutions to fix these problems as listed below. Before moving on to the steps we request you to try one of the oldest methods to fix multiple mobile related issues i.e. restarting your phone.

  1. Check if you are not the only facing this problem
    1. Many a time, this type of problem can arise from the end of Google as well.
    2. You may visit the Google support forum, twitter, Reddit, and other user community to see if the other users are also complaining the same problem.
    3. In case other users from your area also complaining the same then it is quite possible that the servers of Google are down.
  1. Make sure that language settings are correct
    1. In case Google assistance not understanding you then it might be happening because you are speaking a different language for which Google assistance is not configured.
    2. To fix this, you should open settings in the Google app.
    3. Open voice settings available under the “search” option.
    4. Select your favorite language.
    5. Finally, click on the “save” button. Now, Google assistance should understand you easily.
  1. Confirm that the microphone of your phone is working properly
    1. Google assistant and “Ok Google” feature relies on the microphone of your smartphone.
    2. Open Google app to find the microphone icon appearing on the right-hand side of the search bar.
    3. If the microphone icon is bold with fully-formed lines then it indicates that your microphone is working fine.
    4. In case the microphone icon has dotted lines then it is a clear indication that there is some problem with your smartphone’s microphone.
  1. Check your Internet connectivity
    1. It is needless to say that you need to have an internet connection in order to use Google Search.
    2. Check your wifi and mobile data connection to make sure your phone can access the Internet easily.
  1. Ensure that “Ok Google” detection is actually turned on.
    1. To check if “Ok Google” detection is actually turned on, you have to open the Google app.
    2. After that, you need to open settings followed by the voice settings.
    3. Toggle “ON” the switch that will appear next to the “Voice” Match option.
  1. Retrain Google Assistant to recognize your voice
    1. Many times, it is observed that Google Assistant doesn’t remember the previously given command. The reason behind this is unknown. Nonetheless, you can retrain google assistant to recognize your voice if it has lost it.
      1. Open settings on your phone and select “Google”
      2. Select “Search” settings and then “Voice”.
  • Ensure that the toggle switch against “Voice match” is ON.
  1. Now, you need to tap on the “Retrain voice model” button and repeat the commands likes “Hey Google” and “Ok Google” when instructed to do so.

OK, Google Voice Search should work fine after following the above measures.

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