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Unblock Outlook Account

Step to Unblocked

There might be times when you have to access your outlook but due to certain issues you find it temporarily blocked. Though the blocking has been done to safeguard your account from some trouble that can cause damage to your confidential information but the blocking can cost you heavy especially when you have to share details with your clients. Blocking can be annoying as the account is blocked for certain period of time by outlook and will be automatically unblocked. But in case you want to unblock it all by yourself then here is an easy way to do it.

Steps to Unblock Outlook Account

Go to and sign in to the outlook blocked account. In order to request a security code you have to enter your phone number. Code will be sent to you via text message and in case if your phone does not support your text message then it will be sent to you via an automated phone call. Once you have entered the code you have to change the password in order to complete the entire process and unblock the account. The password you entered should be strong and unique. You can check the strength of the password through password checker.

But at times there can be a problem with the security code and they might not reach you within the time for which the session is effective. So you can get it unblocked online.

Issues with Security Code

Security code may at times take long than expected and at such instances it is decent to get your account unblocked via online by requesting and entering a code. In case you have never tried unblocking the account here then you can start here:

  • If you did not receive your code at the phone number entered make another try or try at different number by clicking I do not have a code and you will be presented with a different opportunity to request a code.
  • If nothing works, try using a phone that accepts text messages easily and does not create a problem for you.
  • If you have received the codes make sure that you have entered the numbers in the body of the message and not at the header.

Follow the above simple steps to get your account unblocked. In case the problem still persists then you can always reach out to the Outlook customer support wizards in order to get the trouble best resolved.