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How can I fix the MS Outlook email freeze while opening an email?

Outlook email freezes when opening email

Are you unable to open emails in Outlook? Is your MS Outlook stuck at "Processing" screen while opening an email? Well, this is the classic case of MS outlook crash that can occur while opening or sending an email. There is no fixed reason which we can point out why outlook email freezes when opening email. Sometimes, this issue can be related to your device while sometimes the problem can be in your Outlook email account itself.

None of the MS Outlook version is completely immune to this kind of problem. Every now and then, we can see Outlook users asking questions like why MS outlook 2016 not opening, Microsoft outlook 2010 not responding etc. Nevertheless, if you are facing such a problem then this article is just for you. Here, we will let you know the reasons why outlook email freezes when opening email and what you can do in order to fix it.

Why Outlook email freezes when opening email?

Although it is very difficult to list down all the possible reasons behind such problems, we can still point out some common causes. The compiled list of the most common reasons is given below:

  • MS Outlook version you are using is out-dated.
  • Missing crucial MS outlook updates.
  • Software conflict due to the add-in installed in your MS Outlook program.
  • The size of MS Outlook mailbox (inbox) is too big.
  • Corruption in the MS Office program.
  • Damaged or corrupt MS outlook data files.
  • A corrupt user profile in MS outlook.
  • Antivirus software conflict with the MS Outlook program.
  • MS outlook conflicting with any other programs installed in your PC.

It is possible that you might be facing the problem due to any one or more than one of the issues mentioned above. 

How can I fix the MS Outlook email freeze while opening an email?

You can easily fix this type of problem by following some general steps. However, before starting the steps, you should ensure that your computer system fulfills all the system requirement of the specific version of MS Outlook you are using.

Run Microsoft Outlook program in the Safe mode.

This step is instrumental if your outlook email freezes while opening emails with the “Processing” screen. Here are the steps you may follow to start the MS Outlook program in Safe mode.

  1. Close MS outlook program if it is already running
  2. Now, follow the steps given below as per the operating system you are using
    1. Windows 10: Click on “Start”, type “Outlook.exe/safe” and click “Enter”.
    2. Windows 7: Click “Start”, type “Outlook/ safe” in the “search programs and files” box and then press enter.
    3. In Window 8: Open “Apps” menu, select “Run”, type “outlook/ safe” and click on the “Ok” button.
  3. Close down Outlook and run it again manually.

If the problem continues then you should move on to the next step.

Check if there is any dialogue box open.

Sometimes outlook email freezes when opening email because there is a dialogue box open which is unnoticed. In such cases, the outlook seems to be hanged but actually, it keeps working in the background. It is not allowing you to open emails because you haven’t responded to the dialogue box.

You can check if there is any dialogue box open by Pressing “Alt + Tab” keys together in your keyboard. This will help you switch between windows easily and check any hidden dialogue box.

Make sure that outlook is not working on a big or large process

  • It is quite common for the Outlook program to freeze while working on a large process such as deleting or moving a large number of emails at once.
  • In such a situation, you should check the status bar appearing at the bottom of the screen to see if outlook is working on a big process.
  • Wait for a while, the outlook should work fine once the process gets completed.

Install the latest Microsoft windows and Office updates.

If the problem carries on even after following all the above mentioned steps then you should install all the latest windows and office updates. The process to install updates is different for all the operating systems. You may visit the official website of Microsoft to know how you can install the latest updates as per the operating system you are using.

Repair Your Microsoft Outlook program

Repairing the MS outlook program can also help you a lot if your outlook email freezes when opening email. Here is how you can repair your MS outlook program.

  1. Exit any running MS Outlook application such as MS word, excel etc.
  2. Go to the “Control Panel”.
  3. Open “Programs and Features”. This will open the list of programs installed in your PC.
  4. Right click on the MS office program.
  5. Finally, click on “Change”. This will repair your MS outlook program automatically.

Repair Your Outlook Data file

Apart from repairing MS Outlook, you may also repair Outlook Data files as well. In order to do so, you need to use an automatic tool know as “Inbox Repair Tool”. Usually, this tool installs automatically when you install the MS Office program. However, if you can’t find this tool then you can download it from the Microsoft official website.

Create a new user profile in Outlook.

In case outlook email freezes when opening email even after following all the above-mentioned steps then you may opt for creating a new Outlook profile. Here are the steps to create a new outlook user profile.

  • Firstly, you should close MS Outlook (if running)
  • Open “Control panel” followed by the “User Account”.
  • Then click on the “Mail” button.
  • After that, you should click “Show Profiles”.
  • Choose “Add” and enter a name for your new profile in the “profile name” box.
  • Then, you need to enter your email address and password.
  • Now, keep following the prompt that will appear on the screen and your new profile will be created.

After creating the new profile, you can open MS Outlook normally. You must find the problem resolved. If not, you may get in touch with Outlook customer support for further instructions.