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Outlook Password recovery Support

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Microsoft Outlook is one of the most prestigious web-based email clients that offer many amazing features such as calendar, tasks, contacts etc. Forgetting the MS outlook password can be a nightmare because it forbids you from not only using outlook but also from the services like Skype, One Drive and Xbox. Although the problems that a user can face due to forgetting the MS outlook password Recovery Support are humongous, it is not rare for the users to forget outlook password. To help its users get rid of this problem, Microsoft has offered a very convenient Outlook password recovery Number method.

If you have a recovery phone number or email ID added to your account then recovering Outlook password is just a few clicks away. However, if you don’t have one added then you need to answer the security questions. In this tutorial, we will take you through the steps to recover Outlook password with ease.

Things to check before running Outlook Password recovery Support

The process to recover a lost Outlook password requires you to reset it. However, there are a few things that you may try before going into the steps to reset an Outlook password.

  • Make sure you are entering the correct Email ID for which you want to recover the MS outlook password.
  • If you think you are entering the correct password that you should ensure that Caps lock button is not on.
  • Try clearing the cache, cookies, and other data of the browser you are using.
  • You may also try to sign-in again from any other browser.

How to recover MS Outlook Password?

If you are not able to remember your MS Outlook password Number or facing sign-in errors stating that the password is incorrect then you need to reset MS Outlook Password. Follow the steps given below in order to reset the Outlook password.

  • Visit the official outlook website i.e. and click on “Sign in”.
  • Enter your outlook email id, phone number or skype id whatever you use to log into your Outlook account.
  • Click on “Forgotten my password” link from the bottom when prompted to enter your password. This will open the Outlook password recovery window.
  • Your Outlook email id will be appearing on your screen already. Here, you just need to click on the “Next” button.
  • Now, outlook will ask you to enter an alternate email id where it can contact you for your outlook account recovery process.
  • Enter the alternate email id under “Where should we contact you?” option.
  • Enter the captcha code and click on “Next”.
  • Now, MS Outlook will ask you method by which you want to receive the verification code i.e. either via phone number or alternate email id.
  • Choose the radio button next to the method by which you want to receive a verification code and click on “Send Code”.
  • Enter the code received on your recovery phone number or alternate email id.
  • You will be allowed to create a new Outlook password after entering the security code.
  • Enter a new password and confirm it for future login.
  • Finally, you can test the newly created password by using it to log into your MS Outlook.

That’s it your outlook password recovery process is complete. Now, you can enjoy the hassle-free service of Outlook like ever before.

Recover MS Outlook Password without phone number or secondary Email ID

It is often recommended that you should add a recovery phone number or secondary email ID to your account. However, if you don’t have a recovery option added to your account then you should follow the steps given below:

  • Go to Outlook login page and click on “Can’t Access your account” link.
  • Select the radio button next to the “I forgot my password” option and click on “Next”.
  • Provide your MS outlook email id and enter the captcha code.
  • Click on “Next” from the bottom of the window.
  • Now, MS outlook will show your password recovery options like a phone number or secondary email id etc. If you don’t have access to any of them then you need to click the “I don’t use these anymore” link from the bottom of the table.
  • Then, you need to enter an email id where outlook can contact you.
  • Enter your contact email id under the “Contact Email address” field and click on “next”.
  • Finally, a new page will open. Here you need to provide the following information.
  • a. Your First name and Last name.
  • b. Your date of Birth.
  • c. Location
  • d. Last remembered password.
  • e. The subject line of any email you sent from your email id recently.
  • f. Email address of your recently added contacts.
  • g. Name of the folder you have created in your Outlook account.
  • h. Any billing information associated with your MS Outlook account.
  • Click on Submit after providing all the information.

Note: This method is applicable only if you don’t have MS outlook 2-step verification active and your outlook account is not blocked by Microsoft.

The goals of providing all the information is to tell outlook that you are the legitimate owner of your Outlook account. You don’t have to do anything else, if the information provided by you is correct then you will receive an email with reset outlook password link on your contact email id.

Recover Outlook password on Windows 10

You can also reset your Outlook password through Windows 10 PC as well. In order to do that, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Visit the sign-in screen and enter your MS outlook account name if it is not appearing already.
  • In case there are multiple outlook account name appearing then you need to choose the one to reset.
  • Choose “I forgot my password” available below the password text box. This will open the “Recover your account” screen.
  • In the “Recover your account” screen, you need to enter the captcha code in the “Enter the characters you see” box and click “Next”.
  • Select the method by which you want to receive the security code i.e. either by phone number or email under the “Verify your identity” screen.

Note: If you select the phone number in order to receive the verification code. You need to enter the last 4 digits of the recovery phone number.

  • Enter the code received through your alternate email id or phone number.
  • Enter the new password in the “Reset your password” screen and enter it once again to confirm.

Now, you can log into your MS outlook account with the new password. In case you encounter any error in outlook password recovery then you should contact .