How to fix not working /stopped working issues 2020:

How to fix not working /stopped working issues 2019: Step by Step Fix How do I Solved Outlook has Stopped working On Windows 7, 10, 8

It can be utterly frustrating when you start to type an important email on Outlook and it stuck with just a “Processing” message. Actually, it is a very common problem that the outlook users have to deal with more often than not. There are many possible reasons behind this kind of problem in Outlook. However, the nuisance this problem creates is quite a lot. It is not that difficult to get rid of Outlook stopped working, hanging, freezing problems. You just need to take care of certain things.

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The problem of Outlook Stopped working is quite independent of the version of Outlook you are using. This issue prevails in Outlook for Office 365, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016 and Outlook 2019. If you are also facing trouble due to this problem, then you just need to go through the steps mentioned in this post to purge the issue.

Why Outlook Stopped Working suddenly Today ?

You must be wondering what vulnerabilities stops Outlook to work properly all of a sudden. Well, as we have stated there is no fixed cause behind this. The problem can occur due to different issues or the combination of issues. However, some of the most common reasons for the constant Outlook hangs are given below:

  • Outlook might be working on a too heavy or long process.
  • Missing latest Windows and Office updates.
  • Corrupt MS office program.
  • Corrupt Outlook data
  • Incorrectly configured Outlook profile settings.
  • An unanswered confirmation message of Outlook opening at the background.
  • Unstable and interrupted internet connection.

In addition to these issues, there are many more issues that can cause Outlook Stopped working problem. Now, let’s move on to the steps to fix Outlook hangs and freezing problems.

How to fix not working /stopped working issues Today 2020?

Whatever is the reason, you don’t have to put much of an effort to fix Outlook freezing or stopped working problem. However, in order to do that you should be very careful. You should follow the steps given below very carefully.

Method for solving Outlook Email Account Stopped Working

  • Step – 1:Start MS in Safe Mode
  • Step – 2: Check if there is any dialog box open
  • Step – 3 Check if Outlook is working on a long process
  • Step – 4 Make sure to install the latest Windows and office updates
  • Step – 5 Try repairing your MS Office Program
  • Step – 6: Repairing Outlook Data Files
  • Step – 7: Create a new user profile

Step – 1 Start MS in Safe Mode

If your Outlook is stuck at the “Processing” screen then you should close outlook and run it in the safe mode. This should fix your problem in normal circumstances, here’s how you can run Outlook in safe mode.

  • First of all, close MS outlook if it is running.
  • Run Outlook in safe mode by following the steps given below as applicable.
  • A Windows 7: Click on the “Start” button and type “Outlook/ Safe” under the Search programs and files and then press “Enter”.
  • B Windows 8:Go to the Apps menu and select “Run”. Then, type “Outlook/ Safe” and select “Ok”.
  • C Windows 10:Click on the start button and type “Outlook.exe/safe” and then press enter

Step – 2: Check if there is any dialog box open

  • To check if there is any opened dialog box, you should check all the opened Windows.
  • Press “Alt” + “Tab” keys together can help you navigate through all the opened windows.

If there is no open dialog box then you should move on to step – 3.

Step – 3 Check if Outlook is working on a long process

If you are performing a big task on outlook like copy hundreds of emails at once, deleting a lot of messages then you might face an Outlook hang.

  • In such cases, you should not do anything. You just need to wait for few minutes and Outlook should work fine.

Step – 4 Make sure to install the latest Windows and office updates

Both Windows and Outlook work best when they are up-to-date. That’s why it is often recommended that you should keep Windows settings to download and install recommended updates automatically. Here’s how you can update your MS office.

  • Open any MS office application such as Excel, word etc.
  • Open “File” followed by “Account”.
  • Select “Update Option” followed by “Update Now” under the “Product Information”

Note: In case “Update Now” button is not available then you should click on “Enable Updates”.

  • Finally, you can close the “You’re up to date” window

The mentioned steps to update MS office are applicable to MS Office 2016 and newer version.

Step – 5 Try repairing your MS Office Program

Repairing the MS Office programs can also help you in problems like outlook not working, hanging, freezing etc. Follow the steps given below to repair MS office.

  • Close any MS office application already running.
  • Open the control panel and select “Programs and Features”.
  • Now, the list of all the installed programs will appear on your screen. Here, you need to right click on the Microsoft Office 2016 or Microsoft Office 2013.
  • Finally, choose “Change”. The MS office will be repaired automatically.

In case repairing the MS office can’t resolve the problem then you should repair Outlook Data files.

Step – 6: Repairing Outlook Data Files

Whenever you install MS office, the inbox repair tool also gets installed with the name “scanspst.exe”. This inbox repair tool can scan your outlook data files and repair them.

  • In order to use this tool, you should exit outlook and go to Repair Outlook Data Files (.pst and .ost).

Step – 7: Create a new user profile

If all the above mentioned steps fail to resolve the problem then you should create a new Outlook profile.

  • The process to create a new Outlook profile is different for all the versions of Windows.
  • In case creating the new outlook profile resolves your problem then you should delete the old outlook profile.

We hope that this tutorial helps you in resolving Outlook Stopped working issues. In some rare cases, the problems may continue. We recommend you to contact Outlook support if the issue persists.