Reset/Change Icloud Password: How to Update Icloud Email Password without Phone Number, Password Reset Process for IPhone

How to reset iCloud email password: In order to access iCloud email, you must possess an Apple ID, but what happens when due to some reason, you cannot login into iCloud account? Naturally, you won’t be able to access the emails, documents, video, and other files stored on the cloud. Then the real question arises, how you can recover the Apple ID to sign-into iCloud account. There are typically three ways through which Apple users can reset the password for iCloud email account i.e. through forget password journey, Apple ID recovery, and two-factor authentication. This post is dedicated to iCloud users who do not know how to reset the password of iCloud email. To get to the complete steps, you need to figure out your case as mentioned below.

When Reset iCloud Password is required?

Let’s go through the cases/ situation where users might need to perform Reset iCloud password –

  1. Forgotten Apple ID
  2. iCloud email got compromised
  3. Entering correct password but still cannot login into iCloud account

Steps to recover iCloud password

If you are encountering difficulties in accessing your iCloud account, then use these steps to regain the account-

  • Go to the iCloud sign-in page and click on the “Forgot Apple ID or password?”
  • Now type your iCloud Mail email address followed by the security characters you see in the image given below. If you can’t see the characters clearly, refresh the picture with the new code link, or you can listen to the code with the vision impaired option.
  • Click on the “Continue” button.
  • Follow the next set of instructions depending on the type of security you have enabled for your Apple ID.
  • Select any of the given information as per your situation-
    • Select “I need to reset my password”, and then click on “Continue” .
    • Choose “Get an email” if you have access to the email address you used to set up the account or choose “Answer security questions” if you think you remember the answers.
    • In case you select “Get an email” option, Apple will send you a code through email.
    • If you select “Answer security questions”, then you will be asked some security questions to verify that you are the real account holder and not an imposter. You need to answer these questions correctly.
  • After you are done with selecting the option, a “reset password page” will appear.
  • On this reset password page, you need to enter the new password for iCloud Mail and click on the “reset password” button.
  • Now enter the “password recovery Key”. This step can only be applied if you’ve set up your Apple ID with two-step verification.
  • You’ll receive a text message from Apple in your phone. Enter that verification code on Apple’s website.
  • Now enter the new password on the “Reset Password” page and save the settings.

What to do when Two-Step Authentication Is Enabled?

The procedure to reset iCloud password using two-step authentication varies according to the device a user owns. Here are the steps you need to follow to recover the password of iCloud-

  • Recover iCloud password from iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch-
    • Go to Settings > your name > Password & Security > Change Password.
    • Enter the passcode to your device and enter a new password.
    • Re-enter the new password twice for verification then click on the “change password” link to reset the password
    • Login into your iCloud account using the new password.

Note: In case you’re using iOS version 10.2 or earlier, then go to the Settings > iCloud > Account > Password & Security > Change Password.

  • Reset iCloud password in Mac-
    • Go to the Apple menu and open the “System Preferences” menu item.
    • From there select iCloud .
    • Click on the “Account Details” button.
    • Now go to the “Security” tab and then choose the option to reset your password. Go through the user authentication steps to establish that you are the owner of that account.

Note: If the steps given in the post appear confusing or you are stuck in a step, then you can also take the help of Apple customer support for further assistance.