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How To Stop Yahoo From Sending Spam Emails?

How To Stop Yahoo From Sending Spam Emails?

It is very common for a Yahoo mail user to receive some spam emails every now and then. However, things can be quite serious if your Yahoo mail account starts sending spam emails without your permission. It is a clear indication that either someone else has access to your Yahoo account or someone is impersonating you to send spam emails. In both the situations, you need to act quickly because your cyber security and privacy are under a constant threat. To stop yahoo from sending spam emails you need to know if someone is impersonating you using another email id or your Yahoo email account is hacked.

You should read this tutorial till the end to understand what you should do in such a situation. The instruction mentioned here will help you stop Yahoo from sending Spam Emails.

Why my email is sending spam?

As we mentioned earlier, there are only two possible reasons why your Yahoo mail account can send spam email without your consent.

  1. Yahoo Mail Spoofing: Spoofing means someone is sending emails to your contacts pretending to be you. You should not worry much about your account’s security in such a case because the spammers don’t have access to your account. However, you are still advised to change your password. In such a condition, you should tell your contacts manually that it is not you who is sending the spam emails.
  2. Your Yahoo Account Hacked: This is more dangerous of the two reasons. If you are sure that spam emails are being sent from your account then it is clear that your account is hacked. In such a situation you should change your password and secure your account immediately.

How can I stop Yahoo from sending Spam Emails?

In case you are sure that it is your Yahoo account not the spoofed one who is sending the spam emails then you should follow the steps given below:

  1. First of all, you should go to your accounts recent activity page to check the location from which your account is accessed. If you found an unusual location then it is clear that your account is hacked.
  2. Then, you need to change the password of your Yahoo mail account. You can do this through the Yahoo Sign-in helper page. This will remove all the unauthorized access to your account.
  3. After that, you should enhance the security of your account. In order to do that you should update the two-step verification in your yahoo mail account. This will make it impossible for a hacker to breach the security of your account in the future.
  4. Update your Yahoo account recovery option such as recovery phone number or email address. Password recovery options are crucial to keep your Yahoo account safe
  5. Remove all the suspicious software installed in your device.
  6. It is also recommended that you should also contact the financial institutions like your Bank etc. It is because if someone is able to hack your Email ID then it is also possible that he may have your banking details as well. This can be lethal for your financial security.

Note: Your contacts can also report to Yahoo that your email account is hacked and being used for sending them spam emails.

Once you are done with securing your account you should be able to stop yahoo from sending spam emails. However, doing this will not stop someone from spoofing your Yahoo account.

What to stop email spoofing in yahoo mail?

The Yahoo email spoofing fix is not that easy because it is quite complicated to track the person who is impersonating you to send spam. Nevertheless, you can try the following steps to fix this problem.

  • You should start by informing all your contacts that it is not you who is sending the spam emails.
  • Find the true email address of the sender using an email header file and have your contacts to block the true email addresses of the sender. Doing this will stop spam emails to spread from your email addresses.
  • Now, ask one of your contacts to forward one of the spoof emails to you.
  • Then, check the full header of the spoof email.
  • After that, you need to go to the last received line of the full header. Here, you can find the IP address of the sender. You should note down this originating IP address.
  • Check the ISP of the originating IP address by conducting the IP lookup on the websites like or any other website offering IP address look up.
  • Contact the ISP and report about the spoofing done from the particular IP address.

In case you still find it difficult to stop Yahoo from sending spam Emails then you should contact Yahoo support for further instructions.