Steps To Fix Unable to send receive Yahoo mail

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Unable to send receive Yahoo mail: When talking about the basic use of email services, the first thing that comes to mind is sending and receiving messages. But what happens when you are not able to do the same with your email account? Sometimes, it is seen that the Yahoo mail users find themselves in a situation where they can’t send or receive emails. To help the users fix this issue whenever faced, this article provides certain simple ways to fix the Yahoo mail sending and receiving errors.

Reasons why Yahoo is not sending email

There can be many reasons as to why you can’t send email from Yahoo mail account. Some major reasons behind this are provided below:

  • Every email service has a fixed amount of daily sending limit. If this limit is exhausted you can no more send an email.
  • While sending email, if there is any error in the receiver’s email address, the message won’t be sent.
  • A slow internet connection is one of the major causes behind the Yahoo email sending issue.
  • Some issues with your email settings can also create Yahoo sending error.
  • In case you are sending emails quite frequently, you may be prevented from sending further emails for a while.

Reasons why Yahoo is not receiving email

Some of the many reasons behind the Yahoo mail being unable to receive emails are listed below.

  • If your internet connection is slow, you will face problem in receiving Yahoo emails.
  • An outdated browser or email app can also cause issues in receiving Yahoo emails.
  • In case, the sender has your Yahoo address incorrect, it may appear like you are having issues in receiving.
  • A device or email account short on storage space will not receive the incoming messages.
  • Sometimes, issues with email settings or server also create the Yahoo email not receiving error.

Steps to resolve sending error in Yahoo mail

In case you are unable to send mail from Yahoo, follow the troubleshooting measures given below to fix this.

  1. Make sure that you are entering the email address of the receiver correctly.
  2. In case you have depleted the sending limit of the day, you need to wait till the limit is renewed to send more emails.
  3. If you are attaching a file in your mail, make sure that the file size is within the prescribed limit. Large file can be sent after being compressed into a smaller one.
  4. Waiting for some time before sending an email can help in fixing the issue in case you have been sending a large number of emails. This is so because Yahoo suspects you as a spammer and therefore prevents you from sending further emails.
  5. Fix problems with your internet connections, if any, to see if this resolves the sending issue.
  6. Always use updated browser or Yahoo mail app.

Steps to resolve receiving error in Yahoo mail

If you are not receiving emails to Yahoo account, a few things given below that can help you solve this problem.

  1. Check your filters to see if the incoming messages are arriving in any other folder. If so, you need to set the filters correctly.
  2. Make sure that you have not blocked the sender accidently, in case the receiving problem is with particular sender(s) only.
  3. Again, if you think that you have a slow internet connection, fix it to receive emails in your Yahoo inbox.
  4. Ask your sender and make sure that he/she has your email address correct and is not sending the email to a wrong address.
  5. Check if your device or your email account has proper storage. If not, you need to delete files or emails to make some space for incoming messages.
  6. Always use updated browser or Yahoo mail app.

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