Why I am unable to Open, Upload & download attachments in Gmail?

Download of attachment in Gmail is not a big deal, simply login in your Gmail account through your email address and password. Once you enter in your Gmail account and then open the email message from where you want download the attachment & hover your mouse over the thumb nail and hit the download button. By this way you can simply download your all attachment without any issue.

But most probably this is not exactly happening with some of the users, means they are not able to download, open and upload the attachment in Gmail. Sometime user gets a warning message regarding attachment like: “attachment allows unverified scripts” which means the message attachment is not safe to open. But apart from that if you open that attachment then might be possible there is chance of malicious software which starts running in your computer system. One more warning message is “attachments can’t be scanned fro viruses” which means, some attachments require a password to open. In this case if you find any suspicious mails then do not try to reply on that mail and simply repost it as a spam.

How to solve the attachment problem in Gmail?

  1. Folks note one thing, before using the Gmail check in which browser you are going to use the Gmail account. For your kind information I will tell you that, the Gmail supports some of the best web browsers such as: Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer, safari etc. Always prefer newest and latest version of these web browsers for your Gmail account.
  2. Immediately turn off your browser’s extension because it creates issues and that’s why you are not able to download any kind of attachment in Gmail. For this:
  • In your chrome browser click on menu icon at the top right side. Then choose tools option and again choose extensions to open a new options tab
  • After that unchecked the “enabled” to disable an extension or hit the remove button to delete it. Now enter chrome://plugins/ to view the plug-in and which compatibility and functionality and click on “disable” link under the plug-in which you want to disable.

3. Simply clear your browsers cookies and cache. Just open your web browser and click on more tool then hit the clear browsing data option. After that click on the cookies and other site data and cached images and files then choose the amount of data which you want to delete and click on clear browsing data.

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