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Troubleshoot Yahoo Mail Receiving Error with Ease

It’s a well-known fact that Yahoo is an exemplary webmail service that offers amazing functionality and security to the user. One of the best things about yahoo mail is that it uses encryption techniques so that your email message remains safe. However, despite all the benefits, there are some minor issues in Yahoo mail that can cause some inconvenience to the users. One such issue is errors in receiving Emails in yahoo. Generally, the Yahoo mail receiving errors are related to the network connection but there are some other factors as well that can result in this type of problems.

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It is really annoying when you are not able to receive email on your mail account especially when you are expecting an important email. If you are also facing any of the Yahoo mail receiving errors then you just need to keep reading this post. Here, we will list down various possible reasons behind these errors and the easiest way to fix all of them.

How to check Errors in Yahoo Email receiving?

Sometimes, we are not sure if there is some problem with our yahoo account or not. To check if there is an Email receiving problem in your Yahoo account you should follow the steps given below:

  • Login to your Yahoo Email account on a computer
  • Send yourself an email.
  • Now, if you receive an error message then there is a problem with your Yahoo account and you need to fix it.
  • If you don’t get an error message it indicates that your account is working fine. You should contact the sender to send the email again.

Causes of Yahoo mail receiving errors

As stated earlier, there are many factors that can contribute to an error in receiving emails on Yahoo. Let’s go through these factors to understand the root causes of Yahoo Email receiving errors.

  • Weak and unstable internet connection.
  • Incompatible browser or device.
  • You might have unknowingly blocked the sender.
  • Email filters filtering away the desired incoming email.
  • Virus or malware infection in the device.
  • The sender is sending the email to an incorrect email address.
  • POP/ IMAP configuration (If using Yahoo with other email clients such as MS Outlook)

How to fix Yahoo mail receiving errors?

To resolve yahoo Errors in receiving emails all you need to do is follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, make sure that you are connected to a stable and fast internet connection.
  • The browser you are using should be compatible with Yahoo.
  • Check IMAP/ POP configuration of Yahoo and email client.

Note: Follow the third step only if you are using Yahoo on third-party email clients such as MS Outlook.

  • Check your spam folder. As it is possible that your Emails might be filtered out to the spam folder.
  • Ensure that the reply-to address field is blank.
  • Check your filters and make sure you haven’t created a filter to block messages from the particular sender.
  • Also check your block list to make sure you haven’t blocked the sender.
  • Give a call to the senders and make sure they are typing the correct email address.

In case the problem continues then the issue should be with the sender’s email account and they should Contact Yahoo email service provider.