Yahoo Mail Slow & Why does Yahoo Mail’s performance slow down?

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Yahoo Mail Slow: Slow loading of Yahoo mail is a very common and very frustrating problem faced by a large number of users. A slow yahoo mail will to allow you to fetch your emails, whether old or new, and also create problem in sending messages. Attachments will not download and images will not open clearly. Well, the list can go really long. In simple words, you can say that a slow yahoo mail is no better than no Yahoo mail. However, there are some simple ways in which you can resolve this problem with little or no technical expertise. This article familiarizes you with such methods to help you fix the slow Yahoo mail issue.

Different Reasons Why Yahoo Mail Is Slow

There can be many reasons behind the slow performance of your Yahoo mail. Some prominent reasons that can cause Yahoo Mail’s performance to slow down have been listed below. It is important that you familiarize yourself with the cause first before beginning the troubleshooting.

  1. A slow internet connection can cause issues with Yahoo mail.
  2. Sometimes, issues with browser can be the reason why Yahoo mail is slow to load.
  3. Third-party applications running in your system can degrade the performance of Yahoo mail.
  4. A slow system can make it apparently seem like Yahoo mail is working slow.
  5. If your Yahoo mail storage is full, it can also cause Yahoo to become slow.

How To Fix The Slow Yahoo Mail?

Once you know the actual reason why is Yahoo so slow, you can follow the right remedial measures to fix this problem. Some easy ways to resolve the slow working of Yahoo mail have been discussed below.

Check your internet connection

You must be connected to an uninterrupted internet network for Yahoo to work properly. If your internet is not getting good speed, follow these instructions to solve the problem.

  • Make sure you have a valid data plan activated.
  • Turn mobile data off and then turn on again.
  • Restart your device if using a mobile device.
  • Reboot your router and your computer and establish a new connection between both.
  • Make sure that airplane mode in turned off in your device.

Fix problems with your browser

Issues such as outdated browser, a browser not compatible, etc can make Yahoo slow. To fix this, try the following:

  1. Use a compatible browser: The browser you are using to open Yahoo mail must be compatible with it.
  2. Download latest version of your browser: Make sure that whatever browser you are using it is updated to its latest version.
  3. Clear cookies and cache from your browser: Built-up cookies and cache in your browser can make Yahoo slow. Try clearing cookies and caches and then re-open Yahoo mail.
  4. If there is nothing important in your browser history, you can try deleting it too.
  5. Temporarily disable plug-ins and extensions: You can disable plug-ins and extensions added to your browser to see if the problem gets fixed.
  6. Make sure you have latest version of JavaScript enabled in your browser.
  7. Switch to another browser: If nothing works, you can always switch the browser you are using.

Disable third-party conflicting programs

Third-party software, especially an antivirus program or firewall, hinders with the working of Yahoo mail causing its performance to degrade. You can temporarily disable these programs running in your system’s background while using Yahoo mail.

Fix issues with Yahoo mail

Following troubleshooting steps can be tried to fix the slow Yahoo mail problem:

  • Make sure that Yahoo mail is not running out of storage space. If so, you can delete unnecessary emails or large attachments to make some space.
  • Try using basic version of Yahoo mail. This version can load easily even on unsupported or outdated browser.
  • Reduce the number of emails displayed in a single page of your Yahoo mail to make loading easier.
  • If using a mobile application, make sure that you are using the latest version of Yahoo mail.
  • In case the slow loading of Yahoo mail is due to server issue, you need to wait till the problem is fixed at the server end only.

Solve issues with your device

  • Make sure that all important system updates are installed in your device.
  • Presence of virus in your system can also interfere with Yahoo mail. Run a thorough system scan using a good antivirus program and delete the threats found.
  • Close excess programs. Check Task Manager or Activity Monitor to see all the programs running and close the program you are not working on currently.
  • Check if your system is not running out of space as it can create different programs to work abnormally including Yahoo mail.
  • If nothing works, try opening Yahoo on some other device.

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