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How do I Check Yahoo Mail Storage Limit?

Quick Ways to Check Yahoo Mail Storage Limit

Yahoo is freaking awesome when it comes to providing the free storage space. It offers 1 TB of storage space along with its email account. Which means you can store up to 200 high definition movies in your Yahoo account with ease. It is quite difficult for a normal user to fill the storage of 1 TB. However, it is not impossible at all. If you usually receive emails with heavy attachments such as HD movies, you can run out of your Yahoo mail storage quite easily. This is the reason why you should check Yahoo mail storage limit regularly so that you don’t run out of space at a crucial time.

There isn’t any doubt that 1 TB storage space is more than enough to hold all your emails and files with ease. However, if you run out of storage space it can restrict you from sending and receiving emails through your Yahoo account. To prevent yourself from this problem you may check Yahoo mail storage limit in your online disk. In this post, we will provide you complete details regarding the procedure to check the storage limit of your Yahoo mail account.

Yahoo Mail Storage Limit

Steps to check Yahoo mail storage space.

If you are worried about your depleting storage space in yahoo mail account then you should follow the steps mentioned below to check it:

  • First of all, you should ensure that you are using the full version of Yahoo! Mail

Note: Unfortunately, it is not possible to check yahoo mail storage quota in the Yahoo Mail basic version. In order to switch, you may click the “Switch to the newest Yahoo Mail” link in the Yahoo Mail Basic account.

  • Log in to your Yahoo Mail account.
  • Click on the settings (Gear icon) from the top right corner.
  • Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu that will open.
  • Now, at the bottom of the left column, you can see the total storage space available.
  • Apart from the total storage quota, you can also see the percentage of space used for messages currently.
  • Finally, click on cancel.

Now, you know how much storage space is left in your Yahoo account. Let’s move on the steps to save your storage space.

What to do if you are running out of Yahoo Mail storage Limit.

If you are about to touch the storage limit and nearly running out of storage space completely then you need not worry at all. You may follow the steps given below to save and increase your Yahoo Mail storage space.

Step – 1 Empty Spam and trash folder

  • It is possible that you might have some big files in your spam or trash folder. You can save some storage space by clearing the spam or trash folder.
  • In order to clear spam and trash folders, you need to click the trash icon available next to these folders.

Step – 2 Archive large files in Yahoo mail to your local hard disk.

  • Another way of saving your Yahoo mail storage space limit is to move the large files to your computer’s hard disk.

Step – 3 Use another Yahoo or any other mail account to archive files

  • If your computer doesn’t have much of the space either then you can move your big files to the other email accounts.
  • You can do this using the IMAP settings in your Yahoo mail account.

How to archive big email from Yahoo mail to other emails?

As stated earlier, you can save your Yahoo mail storage space by transferring large files to another Yahoo or other email ID. Here is how you can do it.

  • First of all, you need to set up the account from which you are looking to archive email using the IMAP in the other email client that supports multiple IMAP accounts.
  • Now you have two options as given below:
  • a. Archive all email to another email account: you can set up an email account be it Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL Mail, iCloud mail using IMAP to receive files from Yahoo.
  • b. Archive Yahoo mails locally: You can simply create a folder in the computer you are using that can hold all your archived emails (transferred mail)
  • Once the IMAP accounts are set up, you can transfer the email from the source (your Yahoo mail account) to the destination (another email account or local folder)

It is recommended that you should not transfer all the files. You should opt for transferring big files only.

How to identify Big Files?


You can filter the big files in your Yahoo mail account in the following ways.

  • Go to the search window in your Yahoo mail account and enter “has:attachment” in the search field.
  • Ensure that “All mail” is selected for the “Search in” option (Available in front of search filed)
  • Finally, click the “Search Mail”.
  • Alternatively, you can set up your Yahoo! Mail in an email client using IMAP and sort email by size.

We hope that this post helps you to check Yahoo Mail storage limit or save it from depleting. Still, if you encounter any problem then you should contact Yahoo support.