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I forgot my Yahoo Account password! How to recover it?

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Yahoo is providing the Yahoo account keys method to log into the Yahoo email service. These Keys act like a gate pass for the Yahoo account and it is very difficult to hack a Yahoo account in which account keys are activated. However, the yahoo account keys are not that popular as of now. Still, a majority of users prefer logging into yahoo using the password only. One demerit of signing into Yahoo using the password only is it can be a bit difficult to remember the multiple passwords if use more than one accounts. To cope up with this problem, Yahoo has a convenient password recovery method.

If you have the password recovery option such as verification phone number or email ID added to your account then Yahoo password recovery is quite easy. On the other hand, you may find it difficult to recover Yahoo password if haven’t added any password recovery option. Through this tutorial, you will try to clear all your doubt regarding the Yahoo Password recovery and let you get your Yahoo account if you have forgotten Yahoo password or Yahoo Sign in issues, Restore Deleted Contacts in Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Mail Receiving Error.

Yahoo Mail Receiving Error

How to reset Yahoo Password?

In order to recover your Yahoo mail account, you need to reset your Yahoo mail password. It is very easy to reset Yahoo password using the Yahoo sign-in helper page. You just need to follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, visit the “Yahoo! sign-in helper” page.
  • Provide your Yahoo Mail id or phone number (whatever you use to log into Yahoo) and click on “Continue”

Note: There is no need to enter “” while entering your Yahoo email id.

  • Now, yahoo sign-in helper will take you through the Yahoo password recovery process.
  • If you have a phone number added to your account then you need to click the “Yes, text me an Account Key” link under the “Do you have access to this phone?” option.

Note: : Click on “Yes, text me an Account Key” only if you have the access to the recovery phone number otherwise you need to click on the "I don't have access to this phone" link

  • Choose other options to receive the account key by some different methods such as secondary email id etc. For example, if you want account key via Yahoo secondary email then you need to click on "yes, send me an Account Key" under the “Do you have access to this email?”
  • You will receive the account key or verification within a few minutes of choosing the appropriate option.
  • Enter the account key under the “verify that you have this phone" or "Verify that you have access to this email" as applicable.
  • Once you prove your identity to yahoo, it will allow you to create a new yahoo password.
  • Finally, you can log in to Your mail account with the new Yahoo password.

How to recover Yahoo Email ID?:

In the process of Yahoo Password recovery, we were assuming that you know what your Yahoo Email id is. But what if you forgot your Yahoo Email id as well? In this kind of problem, you need to follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, go to the official Yahoo sign-in page.
  • Click on “Difficulty signing-in page” from the bottom of the window.
  • Enter your recovery phone number or email address and click on “Continue”.
  • Keep following the yahoo account recovery instruction that appears on your screen.

Similarly to the Yahoo password recovery, you need to verify your identity in order to recover your Yahoo ID.

Recover Yahoo password without phone number and alternate Email ID

Yahoo is very strict when it comes to the security of its users. It will not allow you access your Yahoo account unless you prove yourself as the rightful owner of that account. It can be quite difficult to prove your identity if you don’t have a recovery phone number or Email ID added to your account. You should follow the steps mentioned below in such a situation.

  • Visit the Yahoo login page.
  • Enter your Email id and click “Continue”
  • Click on the “I forgot my password” link.
  • Then you need to click the option to Recover Yahoo password using security question.
  • Answer the security questions to the best of your knowledge.

If you answer the questions correctly then you will be able to create a new Yahoo password for the future login.

Precautions for a successful email Password recovery Support Number

It is rightly said that precaution is better than the cure. Here are some precautions you should keep in mind while creating and maintaining Yahoo account so that you don’t have to face troubles in Yahoo password recovery.

  • Try to use a password manager so that you don’t have to face problems in recovering Yahoo password in case you forgot it.
  • Please note that you should update your recovery phone number and email address in case you no longer have access to them.
  • Choose your security questions in such a way that you can remember their answers with ease. This will make the process to recover Yahoo password far easy.

How to keep your Yahoo account safe?

With the aid of latest tools and technologies, hacker and spammers may try to steal information from your Yahoo account. That’s why it is important that you stay aware and safe by following the steps given below:

  • Try to change yahoo password as regularly as possible.
  • Always use a strong Yahoo password including a complex combination of the uppercase letters, lowercase letter, symbols and numbers.
  • Keep a list of email ids and their login credentials saved somewhere. You can use a cloud drive for that purpose.
  • Never let un-trusted applications access your Yahoo mail account.

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